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Our session of this game was perhaps one of the most dramatic ever, and certainly for a three-player game !!

PILES of heartbreaking ties abounded -- A partial listing :

Chris and I tie with 140 on the 140 TV-- Hector gets it for 20.
Hector and I tie with 80 on the 90 typewriter -- Chris gets it for 10.
Hector and I tie this time with 140 on again the 140 TV-- this time Chris gets it for 20.
Very last prize of the game the 110 luggage -- Hector and Chris tie at 120, I get it for 20.

Hector had a superb first round with nearly 800 and a disastrous 2nd round only getting the 20 toy car -- Christopher in his first game was just on MY wavelength too much tying me a great deal to never get any high cards much at all (anyone being on Kel's wavelength for any amount of time for that long I am sure causes them great consternation, fright, and horror) -- I had the good fortune to be in the groove on the 2nd round getting a drastically high score-- through the confluence of all of this , I take the win at this game-- first time I have won in quite a while !! ( Juan is scary good at this game and usually makes mincemeat of me. ) And this again proved that I rarely have a middle performance at this game-- either I am totally in the groove or I don't get jack.


C $960
H $1130 ( He got more than half of this in the first round. )
K $1510 WIN

NOTABLE QUOTE : As I was kicking ass in the 2nd round I said .. " Wow I am just on fire!" .. Hector responds, " Well, you're definitely on SOMETHING."
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