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Subject: 250 point list rss

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Chris Thomas
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Friend and I are fighting it out at 250 points and I finished my first draft. This is simply where I have the basic strategy and cards figured out but will need to work on formation next.

My friend mostly plays Fed or Rom, I play Dominion. House Rules: No OP1-6 resources, but the fighters can be taken as ships for 20 points (1 per 100 points).

4th Division battleship (53 pts)
Defense condition one

2nd division Cruiser (65 points)
Gul Dukat
Antiproton scan
Photon Torpedoes (battle cruiser)
Volley of Torpedoes
Unnecessary Bloodshed

Battle cruiser (45 points)
Thot Gor
Photon torpedoes
Volley of Torpedoes

Attack Ship (30 points)
Photon Torpedoes (generic)

Attack Ship (29 points)
Kira Nerys (OP6)

Miranda (25 points)
Data (OP4)
Photon Torpedoes (3 pts)
Miles O'Brien (Starter)

Miranda is out front, it goes fast and uncloaks as many ships as possible to I can get target locks going. Otherwise it tries to get in the way and be annoying. I hope it gets shot at and keeps my other ships alive.

Next Kira moves up and triggers blockade.

Donatra and Thot Gor follow, scan and BS respectivly.

Dukat goes next, does free BS and Unnecessary bloodshed.

Martok goes last, has Kira do her Target lock action, battleship gives Dukat a scan and for the action does defense condition one.

Last is Remata'Klan.

Dukats ship could be putting out 2 attacks at 11 and 10 dice with battle stations for each attack, auto hitting two on each attack.

Martok is shooting 8 dice with target lock, battle stations, and 2 auto hits.

Thot is doing 8 and 7 with two battle stations and 1 auto hit each.

Kira and Donatra are doing 5 and 6 with battle stations and a auto hit.

If I play it right and he is bunched up, I don't see how any fleet can stand up to the firepower I'm putting out. Even a borg fleet will be hard pressed. If he is not bunched up I can split the fleet and it will still pack a punch.

What I would really like is to switch out the Miranda for another attack ship and put suicide attack on it to make it a bigger threat.

So what do you guys think? Do you guys see a problem with the rules of any of this? See an easy counter to my strategy? Have a better strategy? Any fleet wide cards I am not thinking of?

PS. I have all ships from wave 1-4, all OP ships, and multiples of all dominion ships (3-5 of each, including OP5).
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