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Subject: 75 points tournament rss

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Toby Wittwer
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I played in a 75 points tournament last Friday. I wanted to try both Rebel Wave 4 ships, so I went with this list:

Knave + Fire Control System
Hobbie + R3-A2
Airen Cracken

The idea, of course, was to pair Cracken and Hobbie, providing Hobbie with both focus and target lock, while the FCS would be doing the same for the E-Wing.

First game was against Soontir+PtL+TC and a Bounty Hunter with Recon Specialist, Assault Missiles and Seismic Charge. I didn't get a single shot off in the first encounter, with Soontir dancing around like crazy. I managed to double-stress Soontir once and did some damage to the Bounty Hunter, but never stood a chance.

Second game was against a Prototype Pilot, Gold+Ion Turret, Corran Horn without upgrades. I took out Corran quite quickly (I found him rather weak without upgrades to boost the second attack), it ended up being a dogfight between the A-Wing and my full-strength E-Wing. The A-Wing had the advantage of moving second and kept boosting out of arc, I finally got him thanks to the target lock from the FCS.

Third game was against 2x Royal Guard+PtL, Obsidian+Academy Pilots. Just like in the first game, I had a really hard time getting a shot off, the repositioning abilities of the Interceptors are not to be underestimated, especially in a 75 point game with more space on table. I once again lost without a single kill.

Some observations:
Hobbie + R3-A2 is a fun ship, but a priority target for the enemy.
Cracken was great when he managed to pass an action to Hobbie, but when he has nothing to shoot at, no free action either...
I liked the E-Wing with FCS, but it was seriously hindered by the PS1, which makes the barrel roll decidedly less useful. 3 agility saved me several times.

All things considered, 75 points is quite fun to play at, though it might favor certain lists. In the second group, victory went to a Falcon list (tricked-out Chewbacca plus two Headhunters), second place to a six-TIE swarm. On average one less enemy ship to deal with definitely favors the Falcon in my opinion.
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Josh Derksen
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Heroes of the Aturi Cluster
75pts definitely favors more defensive lists.

I wouldn't be surprised if Interceptors/Phantoms were top contenders since it's really hard to squeeze a Falcon + wingmen into 75pts to directly combat that threat.
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