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Zombie! Run for your lives! is that "take that" card game that get some zombies slapped on it to sell some games. I really cannot stand these games. They all sort of play the same: forever.

The game is so variable that it can just drag on forever. A game like this needs a timer of some sort. If someone ever breaks that barrier, these games will be so much better.

It all seems so random based on which cards you randomly get and really requires people to gang up on others (normally the guy who always wins or the guy who buys all the games). Isn't this fun?

The art is comical and the cards are mostly language independent. The game could be played with children, if the art work is approved by the parent.

This is a purge for me. These games just last long enough for me to not care anymore. Devoid of strategy.


You get a deck of cards. The art work is like comical zombie cartoons. It is more silly than gruesome. The cards are like hard paper more than card stock. They are colorful and the icons are big and useful.

Rule Book:

The rules comes in a few languages. The rules are printed on a single page and is full color. There really are not any examples and the pictures do not really serve a purpose. The rules are okay, but the game is so easy to play they don't really get in the way. You can learn to pay within minutes. Maybe a single minute.

Flow of the Game:

The game is simple to play.

Each player gets four cards to start the game. To win you need to place 5 cards that are items in front of you. On the other hand, if you get 5 zombies in front of you then you lose.

On your turn, draw a card from the deck. Then, play a card from your hand. If it is an item card it goes in front of you. If it is a zombie card, place it in front of another player. Yep, that's the game.

If a player has a zombie card that matches an item card, then both cards disappear to the discard pile (or vice versa).

If you lose (5 zombies in front of you), then on your turn you draw a card and play it in front of another player.

There is also one card that has some bugs on it that cannot be crushed by an item. If you get one of these, get used to it!

Each living person may also take a special action after taking their draw a card/play a card action. He can then play a zombie card to himself or an item card to another player. Then, they can draw another card.

Sigh. A simple game. Draw a card, play a card (zombie on others, items on self) and then an optional action of playing a zombie on self or item on another player.

Should I buy this Game?:

No, I cannot recommend this game. There are so many games like this and I don't believe they bring anything to the game world at all. It is a random card game that never seems to end.


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