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Subject: Post your new favourite armies rss

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Asen Aleksandrov
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I used to play 2 armies exclusively- flamer spam (3 flamers and 1 plaguebearer in every regiment), and boar stampede (ya'll know the boar stampede). The first one did ok but I mostly played it for fun, it's all dice rolling, more or less a joke list. The boar list is brutal, but it is hard to use if your opponent has played against it before, and also I only have 2 base sets so I've not been able to refine it past the maximum of 2 boars and 2 warbosses.

The main reason I've more or less stopped playing these two armies, of course, are the Vampire Counts. I have not had as much fun with any army as I've had with basically any random combination of VC disks. Yesterday I played two games with the following list (props to Archerparadox for suggesting this build a while back, sadly he deleted the post), and I think this will be my regular roster from now on:

33/34 Heinrich Kemmler
x2 Skeleton Warriors
x1 Zombie Dragon
x1 Black Knights

31/31 Mannfred von Carstein
x2 Skeleton Warriors
x1 Zombie Dragon
x1 Vargheists

32/33 Archaon the Everchosen (for 3-regiment games)
x3 Daemonettes
x2 Screamers

3 Inspire (bold)
3 Intimidate (steady)
3 Invocation of Nehek (steady)
3 Eager Troops (steady)

3 Nurgle's Rot (slow)
2 Storm of Chaos (devious)

Since the expansions, I am sure a lot of you have also gone for new, different armies- share your lists, and a bit of advice on how they're employed. If we get enough responses, we might also do a best army vote.
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Benjamin Bottorff
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Hard for me to have a favorite army. I haven't played more than two games with any one army since I got the expansions and the only army I've played two games with was the flanker army I posted on the forum. That said, I did have one which I found brutally effective in a non-gimicky way.

Queen Helga (34/34)
Karaz-a-Karak Hammerers x2
Karak Axe Warriers x3

Drycha (32/34)
Dryads x2
Wardancers x2

Tecis (34/34)
Miltia Archers
Maiden Guard
Bolt Thrower

Grim Resolve (steady 3) [fear is a pain for this army]
Shield of Saphery (devious 3)
Speed Aysurm (bold 3)
Stall (slow 2)
-Another empower card (I had Lure)
-your choice of shieldwall, arcane attack, grudgeborn fury, Eager Troops, or any empowering card (I had arcane attack though next time I think I'll go for Eager Troops unless I'm fighting empire).

-The dwarves and wood elves are both very deadly melee combatants and with Helga the amount of swift attack and counter available is devastating, this combined with plenty of empowerment's, shields, and grim resolve can make you very difficult to attack. Be sure to have some rough terrain near where you want to engage so that the dyrads can get free empowerment (and it's even better if it is some terrain your enemy doesn't like, like a gully [ha ha, you can't attack me! not only am I a 5,5,6 but you'll take a d6 damage before melee even starts])
-The high elf regiment provides some utility. You have a siege ranged attack to pick of soft targets before you close and some ranged attacks that cna come with your army and initiate with and reavers that can flank, hang out of reach, and then provide a bit of extra punch where you need it. Queen Helga almost always gets the shield simply because it lowers her vulnerability to some of the few things that can take her down when she's empowered.
-Basically if your enemy won't come to you, you push towards them slowly with the dwarves, trying to keep most of them spread out until the enemy engages (once the enemy engages you'll probably want to cluster again for the swift attack) while the wood elves follow behind and the high elves support. It'll be a slow brutal slog but once your enemy is in reach you shouldn't have much trouble grinding them to powder. An important thing to remember is that it's fine to sacrifice the axe warriors so feel free to just throw them out where the enemy can pin/kill them so long as they have to do it with more expensive disks (quite likely as only orc boyz trade have equal cost and can take them down unaided) and that brings those more expensive disks into range.
EDIT: Incase you couldn't tell, this army wants to go first.
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