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Subject: Solo Sessions - Dr. Doom gets shown the door rss

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Steve Lee

West Virginia
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Well to start off, I had only played once before and soundly beat Magneto and his Brotherhood. I wanted to give it another go, this time Dr. Doom was up to no good.

First Game:
Dr. Doom and his legion were attempting to steal some plutonium for, what I'm sure was, Latveria's peaceful energy program. He had recruited the biggest scum from the streets of New York and the Emissaries of Evil to pull off this heist. Who would stand in his way? Well, the only folks that were in town of course! Sue Storm, Frank Castle, and Spider-Woman. By the time any of them got into the fight, several of the villainous foes had already made off through the city with several tons of the desired material. As this was a rather ad hoc and unorthodox teaming of heroes, there was some initial confusion as Spider-Woman and the Invisible Woman failed to work together. They were eventually able to hold the escaping fiends in the city and made some progress. But in a brazen move, Electro managed to steal 6 tons of loot and made his way steadily towards the outskirts of town. Held there by the diligent work of our heroes disrupting and bribing may of the other thugs involved in the scheme, however, he was unable to escape. One by one, the villains in the city were apprehended or defeated. It was all the heroes could do to prevent this massive theft. Without the support of the other minions, Electro was unable to escape and suffered a crushing defeat as the heroes threw all their firepower at him. In the end, Dr. Doom was forced to withdrawal as the heroes were able to secure the goods from all the forces of evil. But Doom escaped! Denied his prize, he would return to his home to plot his next assault.

Second Game:
With Dr. Doom escaping, he began weaving a web of lies throughout the city. Sue Storm again lead the vanguard against him and his evil machinations. Returning from assignment, Black Widow and Hawkeye were recruited to assist in untangling this precarious situation. Hydra was infiltrating all manner of businesses and social circles and the heroes had their work cut out for them as they swept across the city doing everything they could to keep the innocent citizens out of harms way. Using the resources available to Avengers each Hydra cell was stamped out. It wasn't until Doom himself showed up that the heroes were able to call on all that makes them mighty to attempt to thwart him. In a devastatingly coordinated attack, Dr. Doom suffered defeat after defeat as the battle raged on. Hydra could do nothing but watch the onslaught of their leader. With a mighty blow Black Widow was able to reduce Dr. Doom to quivering mass of a man, and the heroes captured the mastermind. And in the nick of time too, unbeknownst to them, Dooms plans were mere moments from coming to fruition which would have spelled disaster for the world!

So I've now fallen head over heels in love with this game. It is so cinematic and entertaining. I've now won twice, one draw, and one loss. And every time has been great. I can't wait to get my hands on more, more, more. Getting the combo chains going is so satisfying. I think I had 26 fight my last turn of the game (mostly from Black Widow and having rescued 12 bystanders). One more turn would have revealed the last scheme twist and I would have lost. Man, just love this game!

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Sam Wineinger
United States
Wood River
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"You made it personal. All it did was buy you a little more pain than most." - Frank Castle
I agree. This game is fantastic and if you love the Marvel U. then it is just amazeballs. I love it for many of the same reasons I love Heroclix (although when it comes to actual game design, Legendary blows 'clix away). It's just fantastic to take a bunch of the characters you love, throw them in a scenario and make them duke it out. I was really surprised that such a great game came from Upper Deck, as I really only think of them as sports card makers.

Oh, and they put in both Punisher AND Moon Knight. Khonshu bless them!
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