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Subject: OAG 7 Wonders Tournament - July 12th, 2014 rss

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Mike Stevens
United States
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I protect the sheep in our society from the wolves.
On Saturday, July 12th, 2014 we had our 2nd official Omaha Area Gamers tournament of the year. The OAG group voted on 7 Wonders as the game for this tournament. It turned out to be a popular choice as we had 16 people show up to play in the tournament.

I want to start out by saying thanks to Keith and Micah, Bryce and Laura, Joe and Andrea, Mike Spoto, and Packy for bringing their games and showing up early to help get the tables and games set up. There is no way a person could run one of these tournaments by themselves and I really like how helpful everyone is and how willing they are to commit their time so we can have these tournaments. An extra round of thanks to Keith for handling all of the table and seat assignments and for handling all of the official score keeping and standings through out the tournament. Thanks to Norm and The Game Shoppe for giving us the space and allowing us to have the tournament there and for giving us the Asmodee 7 Wonders Catan promos. My final thanks goes out to ALL of you who came and played in the tournament. You guys are the ones who make having these tournaments fun and the reason that we enjoy doing them. Every single person who signed up and said they would be there showed up and everyone was a great sport as I didn't hear any crabbing or complaining. On that note, if there was something that you did not like about the tournament or the way that it was run please let me know and we will try to make it better. There is always room for improvement and we are always looking for ideas and suggestions so please don't be shy.

With 16 players, we set up 4 tables for 4 players each with the winners of each table always moving on to play the winners from the other tables, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place players all played each other. The winner of each game scored 4 points with 2nd getting 3, 3rd getting 2, and 4th getting 1. We each played 3 games with the top 6 finishers making it to the Championship Table. We were only using the base game and the 7 Wonders: Cities expansion.
Round 1 Games

Morgan with her classic "I'm going to own these guys in this game" smile, getting ready to do battle with Keith, Debbbie, and Micah in the first round of the tournament. It turned out to be a very close first game as Deb edged out Keith 61-60, while Morgan edged out Micah for 3rd place 48-47. Deb and Keith concentrated on Blue cards while Morgan and Micah went after Science.

Over on Table 2, it was me, Justin, Laura and Mike Spoto. It was the first time I had ever played the Alexandria board and I really liked it. I scored pretty big with Military and Blue cards which accounted for more than half of my points and won with 61. Laura and Justin were pretty close with Laura taking second with 48, while Justin finished 3rd with 46. Mike Spoto had 40.

Single T Scot cleaned up on Table 3 winning with 67 points with a very balanced score sheet as he scored at least 6 points in every category except for Yellow where he had 0. Scot did exert his Military strength scoring the maximum 18 points from Military. Bryce was second with 61 points fueled by his 31 points from Science. Packy was 3rd with 52 and Joe was 4th with 50.

Tim May with 61 points dominated on Table 4 winning by 15 points over Brady and Stephanie who tied with 51 each but Brady won the tie breaker by having the most coins giving him the second place finish. Andrea finished with 47.

Round 2 Games

At Table 1 we had all of the winners from the first round games. This time I used a combo of Military, Blue, Purple and my Wonders to score 70 points for the win while playing the Gizah Board on the A side. Scot went crazy Science during this game and scored a whopping 48 points from those slimy green cards but had 0 in Blue and -4 in Military and ended up in 2nd place with 63 points. Scot stuck it to me in the Lords of Waterdeep tournament so I was happy to get a little revenge
Debbie and Tim had a rough time getting things going in this game and ended up with Debbie taking 3rd with 43 and Tim finishing 4th with 37.

Table 2 had all of our 2nd place finishers from round 1 fighting it out to rise to the top. Laura took this game with 64 points by scoring in every category except for Black cards with 20 points coming from her Wonders. Brady and Bryce tied for 2nd with 53 points and Brady once again won the tie breaker and took 2nd place from Bryce even though Bryce had a healthy Science score with 31 Science points. (Are we seeing a pattern here with Brady and these tie breakers?)shake
Keith finished in 4th with 40 points.

Table 3 may have been the closest game of the day with only 6 points between 1st and 4th place. Packy nosed out Justin 59-58, while Morgan snuck by Stephanie 55-53. Their score sheet was a little hard to read so I don't have too many details on the game but it looks like Packy got the majority of his points from Blue cards.

Table 4 was totally dominated by Joe with 74 points thanks to 61 points from Military, Blue, and Wonders. Micah was in 2nd with 64 thanks to 44 points from Science, Blue, and Purple cards. Mike Spoto was 3rd with 48 and Andrea finished in 4th with 45.

Round 3 Games

Keith read out the table and seat assignments for the 3rd and final round. This was everyone's final chance to try to score enough points to make it to the top 6 and move onto the Championship Table. Once again I was seated next to my nemesis, Single T Scot at Table 1. We also had Laura and Packy. I stuck with what had worked for me all day and concentrated on Blue cards and my Wonders. I did try something different and ignored Military while snagging a few very good and high scoring Purple cards in Stage 3. I took the game with 67 points while Scot used a strong Military to take 2nd with 56 points. Laura and Packy tied with 44 points with Packy scoring 33 of his 44 points from Science cards. Laura won the tie breaker and took 3rd place.

Brady and Deb battled it out on Table 2 with Brady pulling out the win 72-67 thanks to his Military and Wonders. Deb was very balanced, scoring in every single category. Bryce finished in 3rd with 60 and Joe got 4th with 55.

Micah came on strong in her 3rd game scoring in every category except her beloved Science, winning the table with 70 points. Justin was 2nd with 59 points scoring in every category except Military. Morgan finished in 3rd with 56 points with 21 of them coming from Science. Tim finished with 46 points.

Table 4 was won by Andrea with 71 points, scoring in every category except for Yellow cards. Mike Spoto finished in 2nd with 63 scoring 36 of those from Science. Stephanie was 3rd with 55 while Keith finished in 4th with 54.

Here are the final standings after the preliminary rounds:

Player Points Total Score
Mike S. 12 198
Scot 10 196
Brady 10 176
Debbie 9 171
Laura 9 156
Micah 8 181
Justin 8 163
Bryce 7 174
Packy 7 155
Joe 6 179
Andrea 6 163
Morgan 6 159
Mike Spoto 6 151
Tim 6 149
Steph 5 159
Keith 5 154

Here are the final 6 getting ready to play for the Championship:

Quite the motley crew, isn't it? It is a little different game playing with 6 instead of 4 in 7 Wonders and we each randomly drew our Wonder. I ended up with Olympus and played the side that let me get one free card per Stage once I had finished my 2nd Wonder. I decided to ignore Military and Science for the most part but scored big in Blue and Black which carried me to the Championship with 68 points. Laura took 2nd with 60 points, while Brady and Scot tied for 3rd place with 56 points each. Guess who won the tie breaker? Yes Brady was 3 for 3 on the day in winning tie breakers. Never spend that extra coin if you don't have to. Scot took 4th, with Micah barely beating out Debbie for 5th place 52-51.

Thanks again to everyone who played and helped out with the tournament
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John Curtis
United States
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Excellent tournament report! Thanks for sharing!
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