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Subject: Yet another Quarriors Variant... rss

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Robert Davey
United Kingdom
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So I recently purchased Quarriors and found it to be a bit of a non-event. I thought that there was potential within, but there certainly wasn't a game - most of the mechanics seem either counter intuitive or broken. Whilst at work I decided to see if I could draft a variant that may remedy some of my grievances, and below are the result of my frantic scribbling:

(Note that some of the rules are as per the originals, they are just added for emphasis. Also, Mana = Quidity)

Re-rolling Rules

* When rolling your 6 dice, you can Mulligan (re-roll) all of your dice for the cost of 1 die. An example would be that you can re-roll, but you would only be rolling 5 dice instead of 6. This can happen as many times as you like, losing one die each time, and all dice have to be re-rolled.

Attack Variant

I feel that even though the 'advanced rules' make the game better, it still sucks that you have to cull your creature to score it, therefore I suggest the following:

* Creatures are rolled and readied as per normal, however they stay in the ready area all of the time. The only way for them to be removed is for them to be attacked and defeated by another player. However, each round that you want to keep a creature readied you have to pay its cost again as upkeep; if for whatever reason you can't or do not want to pay, the creature goes into your used pile.

* Glory is now gained from attacking and defeating other players’ monsters, for the glory points as shown on the defeated monsters card.

* If there are no creatures to attack, your monsters can enter a dormant state. When in this state, you no longer pay upkeep but instead you can then 'shower them in glory' by paying 1 mana from your active pool to get 1 glory, up to the creatures maximum as shown on their card, per dormant creature. So, an assistant could get the maximum of 1 glory by paying 1 mana, whereas a dragon could get up to a maximum of 4 glory by paying 4 mana. If a creature is set as dormant, they can no longer defend (but can still be attacked) and cannot use their special abilities as printed on the creature card, however spells that have already been attached are still considered active. Furthermore, as they are still in your ready area, other non-dormant creature abilities can still affect them, such as defence buffs etc. You can split your monster pool when doing this.

* Attacks now only affect one player, i.e. I would announce that I was attacking player 3 and he would defend as per normal. This would involve him choosing a defender and then if the damage done equals or exceeds the defence, that creature is defeated and returned to the wilds, with the attacker gaining the glory.

* Attack values can be stacked, defence values cannot (you can't spread the damage between 2 monsters).

* Spells can be readied and will stay readied until you decide to use them. Once used and where applicable, the spell will last for just 1 round.

* Two buy actions per round; however you cannot buy the same die twice in one buy action/round.

* You can choose not to score/attack/shower in glory, doing so will allow you to cull one dice from your active pile, effectively reducing your to 5 dice for that round.

So there it is - I haven't tried it yet but plan on doing so this weekend and will report back.

Edit - tidied up dormant phase and culling now happens from active dice pile.
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Sebastian Zarzycki
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Playtest, playtest, playtest - I can already see the main problem - snowballing. You introduce so many new concepts that it's already almost different game. You want to introduce more fighting and even more "ameri" into the game, but you still don't provide meaningful decisions when it comes to tactic / strategy. It will still be "strongest creature domination", you just want to mitigate the apparently not liked consequence of culling scoring creature, thus creating even more and more powerful "army". I think you'll find in your testing that it's a dead end.

Have you tried Quarriors Redux variant?
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