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Subject: ThePhillyGamer's review of The Settlers of Catan rss

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Philly Gamer
United States
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I recently started a board game blog and made my first review on Catan! I'll copy paste my review below, but if you want to read the original (or see the blog), its at

Please give me your opinions

What is it?

The Settlers of Catan (or Catan, for short) is a 2-4 player beginners’ board game, with simple rules and high interactivity between players. Players take the roles of “settlers” who have arrived on an island and intend to expand their domain. The player who does the best job of expanding their settlement the best wins the game.

Basic Rules:

The goal of the game is obtain 10 Victory Points, at which point the game ends and you win. You get Victory Points by building settlements and cities.

The game board is a series of hexagonal tiles (each containing different resources such as wood or brick) grouped together. Players can build roads along the hexagon’s sides and settlements and cities along the hexagon’s corners, advancing the reach of their domain. The tiles also have numbers on them ranging from 2 to 12.

Every turn, players roll two dice, and players get resources if one of their settlements/cities are adjacent to the resulting number.

For example, two 4′s are rolled, and you have a settlement next to a wood hexagon that has a number 8 on it. Thus you would collect 1 wood resource. If the player next to you had a settlement next to a wheat hexagon with an 8 on it, he would collect 1 wheat hexagon and so on.

For the remainder of their turn, players can offer trades of resources and use combinations of resources to either buy development cards or build roads, settlements, and cities which will gain them Victory Points.


Player count: 3-4, but 5-6 can also play if the expansion pack is bought

Runtime: 1HR-1.5HRs, on average about 1 hour 15 minutes approximately. Some games can potentially run longer depending on the board placement.

Recommended ages: 12 and up, though younger kids will do fine if they have other players to help them a bit

Main Review:

Catan is an amazing game because of its easy accessibility, ability to draw in players and keep them captivated even on other players’ turns, and its high replay value. Because players are always trading, players are on the lookout even on other peoples’ turns for ways to trade and get the resources they need. The rules are easy to understand with one quick read through and players have a very good grasp of the game after the very beginning.

Even after understanding the game, the game’s hexagonal placements provide enough variability to change the game each subsequent playthrough giving it high replay value.

Final Thoughts:

This game is widely considered one of the best “gateway” games on the market and for good reason (I will do a post on Gateway games later, but they are essentially board games for people new to the hobby). Its one of the best introductory board games that new players can start with, friendly for gamers and non-gamers alike (this was one of my first real board games, and I had never played board games before that), and its very easy to find in stores such as bookstores and Barnes And Nobles or online sites such as Amazon.

Overall rating: 8/10 solid board game, highly recommended for gamers and non-gamers alike.
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barbara cole
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Hi. Thanks for this review.

So far I've only play android app and I kind of like this game but developer interface is unfriendly and graphic design looks like in Settlers II... Besides this, for $4 I have only 1 map available and each other expansion cost next $4 cry also some bugs

So my question is - Is it worth to invest in board version instead of next extansion of app?

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