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Subject: ThePhillyGamer's review of Ticket To Ride rss

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Philly Gamer
United States
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This is the second review I wrote for my recently created board game blog. If you want to see the original (or just see the blog), its at

Otherwise, I've copy pasted it below, so please enjoy and tell me what you think of it

What is it?

TTR is a 2-5 player train game, or game about making connections/roads between places. The official story goes that a group of friends made a wager that they could see the most cities in North America and so players represent travelers trying to reach as many cities as possible before their turns run out.

Basic Rules:

The players with the most points wins. To obtain points, players play trains to complete “tracks” between cities. The bigger the track the more the points.

More specifically, at the start of the game, players draw “tickets” which have the names of two cities on them and a point value. If players complete a ticket before the end of the game, they obtain the points on the ticket. If not, the points on the ticket are subtracted from the player’s score at the end of a turn.

Every turn, players can either pick up colored train cards, put down trains between two cities, or draw more tickets.

The board is a colorful map of the United States, with colored tracks going from cities to each other. To the side of the board are the colored train deck and 5 face-up cards that players can take instead of drawing from the deck. To play on a track of a color, a player must discard colored cards of that type. For example, if a player wants to put the 5 trains on 5 white tracks, he will need to discard 5 white-colored cards from his hand. If he does not have the necessary tickets, he would probably spend another few turns or so drawing tickets from the card deck or the 5 card display.

When a player has 0,1, or 2 trains left, all players take one extra turn and the game ends. Players reveal their completed tickets and the player with the most points wins.


Player count: 2-5

Runtime: 45 minutes on average; I have rarely seen games go over an hour and don’t think I’ve ever been in one that reached an hour and a half.

Recommended ages: good for 12 and up, though younger kids will do fine if they have other players to help them a bit with the city names

Main Review:

TTR is an amazingly simple game, yet its still very fun for almost all ages. Its simple concept makes it a great game for introducing new gamers to the hobby, even if they’ve never board gamed before. Every turn is also fairly captivating because players are always planning out their moves as their turn comes up. Draw another train card? Build now, before my opponent? Pick up another ticket since I’m so close to finishing this one? How many trains do I have left to play? Players think these thoughts and more as the game progresses and it adds a fair bit of depth to the game. The board is also a fairly big, and quite nice to look at as well.

Since every game, the tickets drawn, the starting hand, and the 5 card display are all different, the game also has high replay value, as no two games will be exactly alike.

Final Thoughts:

This is a great game to have in any gamers’ collection, and its easy accessibility, relatively quick playtime, and high replay value make it a wonderful game that will be enjoyed by many gamers and non-gamers alike. Its even simpler and more accessible than Catan and can be found in many bookstores and online stores as well.

Overall rating: 8/10 solid board game, highly recommended for gamers and non-gamers alike.
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