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Subject: Raid on Taloraan rss

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JD Dibrell
United States
Klamath Falls
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I borrowed & modified slightly the refinery mission posted here on BGG. Can't remember who wrote it at the moment but hopefully someone can jog my memory. I played rebels, my gf played imperials

My mission: destroy a tibanna gas refinery
Hers: stop me
125 imperial
150 rebels
Imperials get two platforms each 2 shields, 5 hull
1 is a control platform with 2 turrets that regenerates the refinery's shields every turn. The control platforms shields do not recharge. Control platform placed dead center. Refinery is staggered slightly & on her edge.
Imperials start with 75pts on deck & 50 in reserve
Every turn starting with 2 after all maneuver dials are placed the imperial player rolls in secret 3 attack dice.
T2 need 3 hits/crits to bring in reinforcements
T3 is 2
T4 on is 1
Reinforcements plot movement onto the table
We decided that platforms are basically huge ships that don't move so if you collide with them they take 1 damage & you're dead. Also they have agility of 1 to represent a high speed pass under enemy fire. This does not improve for range & the platforms can take no actions & are PS0.

Our lists.
Me -
2 rookie pilots
1 green squadron pilot with PTL
blue squadron pilot with HLC & proton
gold squadron pilot with ion turret & proton

Her (note I don't recall all hey upgrades) -
Delta squadron defender with autoblasters
Scimitar squadron bomber with advanced protons & ion missile
Academy pilot

Bounty hunter with shield upgrade, ion cannon, proximity mine

Uneventful, JUST out of range everywhere including the turrets. I go for a pincer move splitting my forces. On the left my A&B wings with Garvin. In the right my 2 rookies & my Y-wing.

T2 no reinforcements
My A-Wing zips up to the control station & fires a range 1 shot for 1 shield down. Garven vets for the center to interdict the inbound bomber heading for the AB flight. B-wing plods along. Uses HLC to knock down otter shield. All shots on enemy fighters miss save for an ioned defender.

Imperials de-shield Garven.

T3 - a nearby bounty hunter comes to aid the imperials hoping to make a buck.
A-Wing blows past control & fires on platform knocking out both shields. B-wing moves forward slowly & barrel rolls to avoid hitting the control platform then fires. Nothing. It's then ion missiled by the bomber who zipped past Garven giving him the middle finger. One rookie's stripped of his shields as is the Y-wing. The bounty hunter moves in & knocks a shield of the other rookie.

The ioned B-wing bumps the bomber & elects for a range 2 unmodified HLC shot at the refinery. He takes both shields back down. The A-Wing gets confused by the tibanna gas & veers into the refinery doing 1 damage & dying horribly. A rookie goes down to the academy & bounty hunter after doing heavy damage to the academy TIE. The Y-wing suffers damage from the defender & knocks 3 shields off the bounty hunter who's bumped the other rookie.

Garven goes down to the bounty hunter. The rookie pulls a K to get behind the bounty hunter only to be wiped out by him. The Y-wing takes another hit from the academy on his 6 leaving him with 2 hull thanks to a direct hit.

Bomber zips past the B-wing & Ks right in his way. They trade paint & the B-wing takes a hard hit from the defenders autoblasters. Leaving him without shields. He fires at range 1 on the refinery & knocks it down both shields &2 hull. The remaining rookie passes the bounty hunter & takes 2 more hull off the refinery. He's answered by losing 1 shield & 2 hull to the control platform turrets.

The bomber K turns again & makes use of his target lock with advanced protons leaving the B-wing 1 hull. The defender finishes off the rookie after he & the Y-wing beat up the bounty hunter severely. The B-wing locks on & fires his proton torpedo at the refinery hoping for the last 3 damage & the victory. Both shields go down but the last point of hull remains.

The Y-wing reduces the bounty hunter to 2 hull. The B-wing goes down to close range laser cannons from the bomber. The Y-wing is felled by the bounty hunter.

What did I do wrong? Pincer move might have worked if I hadn't split my 2 ordnance boats, the A-Wing hadn't been a kamikaze, & I'd focused on the control platform vs thinking I could take down the refinery before it's shields came back up.

Oh & not drinking rum & coke lol. She was sober, as always. Thus my defeat.

I know this isn't written in the move - action - combat order but it was quicker to kinda highlight it I guess. Oh & it was from a semi intoxicated memory lol.
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Dave Graffam
United States
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Sounds like it's based on this old scenario of mine:

That was written when Wave I was all we had! I might dust this off and work up a new version of it.

It sounds like you made the same mistake I did, which is to try to destroy the refinery without first knocking out the command center. There are a bunch of ways to make this mission more balanced -- I'll experiment a little bit and see what makes sense. But I'm thinking that as the command tower takes damage, the refinery could lose shields.

For the revised version, I would probably use a small ship base to represent the command tower and a large ship base to represent the refinery.

I'm totally stealing your scenario name (Raid on Taloraan), if that's okay with you.
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JD Dibrell
United States
Klamath Falls
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By all means steal away lol. I called it that in homage to Rogue Squadron which has a mission in which you have to destroy imperial tibanna gas containers while not damaging the civilian ones.

I'll upload pics of my unpainted platforms tonight when I get home. I tried to make them similar to the ones in the video game.

Thanks again for the blaster turret card Dave. We actually just used two of these sans focus actions on the control platform with them being integrated into it like a ship. We also extended their range to 3 since they can't benefit from any actions.
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