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Subject: It started on Wentworth Street... rss

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Yesterday was my first session of Letters from Whitechapel. We were 4 players in total, all newbies to the game, with some including myself had played a fair amount of Scotland Yard before

I picked out 107 as my hideout, it seemed a good spot off the centre of the board with lots of blocks to confuse the police if they got close, and also alternative routes to get home if I happened to get cornered.

The first night I murdered on Wentworth Street (spot 82) to try to keep the scent as far away from my hideout and bring the coppers out westwards for the chase as they were well spread out. I underestimated the proximity of the nearest fuzz and first went north to 62 before swinging back and west towards 80 and 97 when their initial search area intentions were more clear. I also used a carriage to try and get some distance between me and the chase, so zoomed south and then headed east down commercial road to spot 123, via 116 and 118. The cops were busy searching the Aldgate area trying to find a scent of my initial trail, although they were unsure how much I had backtracked this early on. The clue on 62 causing a bit of uncertainty, though quickly dispelled. I decided I’d best leave the main road to make it less obvious of my direction and made a dash south down Gowers Walk to 155 and then 182. I could sense the fuzz were not going to catch too much of my scent if I made it back home quickly, and with the remaining carriages I went off east (185) and then back north (173) crossing commercial road at 145 to get to 104. The coppers had caught my trail heading east but lost it shortly after 123 before finding the clues down Gowers Walk. Their trail went cold there (at 182) before I managed to sneak into my hideout. The coppers were chattering away trying to guess where I could have gone to with around 6 moves from Gowers Walk, and one of their hunches (rightly), although lacking concrete evidence of it, was that I could be somewhere in the eastern block near the board edge…

The second night I murdered on Buck’s Row (21). I decided not to wait as I had made a plan and needed the initial spaces to maneuveur. I would throw the cops a wrong trail west and south before doubling back to my hideout, making the chase drag out a bit longer so they didn’t realise the proximity of the murder to my actual hideout. I swung south to Whitechapel Road (42 and 57) before shooting through an alley to 69. However my plan to head south looked ambitious with the coppers storming in from the south in a reasonably tight formation... the trip south looked far too risky of being cornered in. I decided to head north instead, sneaking into 55 and then further into the small alleyways (37 then 38). They quickly guessed my whereabouts in 69, but first had to remove the possibility of a southern exit. The cops then found my initial clue at 42 but were slow to find the trail leading past 55. So I made a new plan to loop around as their attentions were elsewhere. I headed around the edge of the board (18 & 20) and walked back on to white chapel road (spot 42) again when it was safe. The clue on 55 had been found but I knew I was home safe now, despite some police searching around the west of New Road. I snuck into an alley to pop out at 77, and then used my last carriage to go to 94 and 110, spots unlikely for them to make it in time to find clues. Some cops were unknowingly close but searching 58, 74, 76 and 75 came up empty. On the final turn, before I snuck into my hideout through the backdoor, one of the fuzz was on the corner of 105, 106 and 107! They had no idea how close they were to me and their trail had gone cold on the north side at 38.

The third night I waited patiently and murdered at Gunthorpe Street (83) and then Mitre Square (148). I had the maximum allowable time and chose to start on the far west and go the long way round home. The fuzz were very slow in finding my trail at which point I was long gone. I made my way down Creechurch Lane to 114 then 96 before swinging north along Middlesex Street and the board edge (59 & 24) and then east all the way down Hanbury Street (1,2,3,5 17, 18, 20) in a carriage. The cops were desperately cold with one cop searching all the wrong spaces around Mitre Square, and a few others managing to rule out Gunthorpe Street as my exit point. However they were nowhere near me and by the time they finally found clues on 96, I was nearly back to the alley entrance at 42 I used the previous night. Some of the other cops finally found the trail on Hanbury Street on 1, and managed to follow it to 5 before I had skipped home via an alley to 77 and then 92.

The fourth night I murdered on the corner of Poplar High Street and Commercial Street (147). I had planned this as my final spot as I had expected the cops to be close to my trail by this point and a quick home coming would be necessary. It was however a foregone conclusion as the cops were too spread out and they had no chance of stopping me. A carriage took me to 109 and I was home the move after.

It was obviously not hard to guess the general area of my hideout in the aftermath of my final murder, the cops picking spot 92 right next to my actual location. A thoroughly enjoyable game, which the cops enjoyed a lot too despite their inability of successfully narrow down my hideout area early enough. Lots of lessons learnt and a great desire to play again very soon!
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