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Subject: 2nd Set of Beta Rules rss

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1. The second winter no longer occurs in Sweden. Is this correct or an omission.
2. The status of Gibraltar as a space is unclear: are units occupying Gibraltar placed in Seville, and if not, does the strait stretch between Morocco and Gibraltar, or between Morocco and Seville? Do Gibraltar units just hang out in a vague area over the port, or is there a Gibraltar holding box? To attack Gibraltar do you attack Seville?
3. 5.1, 2nd paragraph, 4th line: a word is needed between "they" and "not".
4. Page 3 states that Air combat is A2 or B2, but the example aircraft is A3
5. The rules no longer state that the first round of combat is mandatory. Is this correct or an omission?
6. Marsh/tundra terrain, which appears on the beta map is not explained anywhere in the rules.
7. Convoys no longer appear as a unit type on the unit chart. Is this an omission?
8. Since sea invasions may only cross prior-controlled sea zones, and sea zones are neutral unless occupied, does this mean that you must physically occupy a utilized sea-zone the turn prior to an invasion in order to use that sea area for invasion?
9. Do naval and air units that move to "support" a sea invasion require 1, 2, or no additional commands per naval/air unit that supports?
10. Does friendly control of Crete interdict supply in the surrounding seas without the need for interdicting air, or does the gazetteer mean that it can be used as an effective base for air interdiction?
11. The Gazetteer indicates that "historically" Vichy did not consider a British invasion of Syria an act of war. Can we assume that this is also a game rule that overrides the normal rules for Vichy?
12. The only reference to a forest movement penalty is stated in the terrain summary chart, which states "stop if vacant." So if it is occupied by a friendly unit, then any other friendly unit need not stop? Does the forest area have to have been occupied at the beginning of the turn?
13. Do terrain bonuses for combat only apply to terrain that fills an entire area, or do they also apply if you attack across a rough terrain hex-side as well.
14. Lend-lease and Murmansk are referred to in the rules, but explained nowhere. Is this explained in the cards?
15. Do allies acquired through "diplomacy" have any restrictions concerning the use of their units (e.g. do they need to garrison with 1 unit like conquered neutrals?)
16. Are minor allies acquired permanently, or can your opponent steal them away with another diplomacy roll?

Although I have not seen the allied OB card, why are the Soviet infantry units displayed in the rules only 3 pip. Soviet units were typically larger than German units.
Subs are now B2 against all naval units. Seems to exaggerate the actual power of sub units, but perhaps there was a play-test reason?
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