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Just suppose I own the base game & both of the expansions. Just suppose I've printed all the files here in bgg and they are ready to use. Just suppose I'd like to add all the rules that possibly:

- shorten the game
- balance the civs and paths to victory
- add player interaction

E.g., i would want to add agriculture, metropolis seems to speed up the game a bit. Also, the x2 hammers of w&w seems to speed up and get faster to direct conflict without overwhelming players with additional rules to remember. I do not care much of rebalanced units, the base is more luck driven but adding hit points adds downtime also, and i'm more concerned about the latter.
I do not care much for the fifth player either, i'm not going to play it again with 5p anyway (unbeareble downtime)

Just suppose.. Which set of rules/items/files/sheets/tokens would you recommend adding or taking away from the base game?

I own the base, but after a 5p all included game I fear I am going to trade it away so this post is a last chance I think with the right ruleset it has a lot of potential.. So please unleash it for me

Thank you!!
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Sebastian Frostie
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Hey there

I hope this is not too late of a response.

If you are hoping to play a shorter game with new players, I would like to suggest the following:
1) End game condition
- Economy: 10 coins
- Culture: Level 3
- Scientific: Tier 4 Tech
- Military: Unchanged

Reason: The longest part of the game is always the near end game part, because of all the possible actions to be taken. If we shorten the game like this, then I suppose the down time will decrease sharply.

2) Research Phase
- Random Technology: Shuffle the tech cards accordingly, during research, draw the appropriate deck instead of picking one
- For the first level two or three tech, allow the player to draw two, pick one, discard one.

Reason: For new players there are way too many choices, it could be overwhelming. Just one tech at a time help them to learn the game. Besides, there are no such thing as an useless tech I believe. (Except for atomic theory, but that's for tier 4)

3) Things to take out
- Great person Deck
- Social Policies (Except for French)
- Wonders (Except for Egyptian)

Reasons: These require extra reading. On top of the so many things they need to care about, they usually don't have the time or patience to go through those extra information. However, do keep the great people token (Random) and the investment cards, as they allow the players to have some control over their civilization, this is a civ game after all!

I hope you would find it useful, and please let me know how well (or bad) does it go!

Enjoy and Cheers!
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