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This is a variant my family has come up with. We wanted something more difficult than the basic game but the wizard tower has a lot of complications that we would forget. This variant eliminates the more complicated monsters to play.

We do expect to win with these rules. If you want more of a challenge replace an orc with a harbinger.

Play using Wizard Tower with the following changes:

1. Custom monster mix (see below)
2. Start with 6 monsters in archer ring, 2 monsters in forest ring. Starting tiles must be non-boss monsters.
- This makes it start tougher with no gap in monsters after first turn
3. No walls to start, Build a wall with either a mortar or brick (do not need both)
- This makes brick and mortar cards very valuable
4. Draw up to full hand at the end of your turn
- this makes trading better as the other players have cards to trade
5. Goblin King – as conjurer but roll a die and place that many goblins instead of imps and starting in arc 6 and go down towards 1.
- this is for thematics mostly

49 Monster Tokens

Non-Boss Monsters
Orc: 11
Ogre: 3
Troll: 9
Cyclops: 1
Centaur: 1
Goblin Cavalry: 2
Golem: 1

Boss Monsters
Goblin King: 1
Orc Warlord: 1
Conjurer: 1
Healer: 1
Troll Mage: 1

Non Monsters
Blue Monsters Move 1: 2
Green Monsters Move 1: 2
Red Monsters Move 1: 2
Move Monsters Clockwise: 1
Move Monsters Counter Clockwise: 1
Draw 4 Monster Tokens: 1
Draw 3 Monster Tokens: 1
All Players Discard 1 Card: 2
Giant Boulder: 4
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