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Subject: Midsummer Tournament - Berlin, MA rss

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Gregory Pettigrew
United States
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10 Runners came out to my castle at Camelot to play Netrunner today, and here are the results:

Place Player Corp Identity Points Runner Identity Points
01 Sam LaFleche Engineering the Future 8 Andromeda 7
02 Dean Gianotti GRNDL 5 Rielle "Kit" Peddler 4
02 Chris Woo Replicating Perfection 4 Kate "Mac" McCaffrey 5
02 Eric Chernus Engineering the Future 4 Rielle "Kit" Peddler 5
05 Elliott Hedman Replicating Perfection 4 Andromeda 4
05 Rob Jennings The World is Yours* 4 Rielle "Kit" Peddler 4
07 Jeff Lamoreaux Making News 2 Kate "Mac" McCaffrey 6
08 Jason Hamner Making News 2 Andromeda 4
09 Josh Pearson Harmony Medtech 2 Andromeda 2
10 Doc Because We Built It 2 Noise 0

I initially had an error in my record tracking that accidentally gave Dean 2 Prestige (putting him at solo second), but he came in second on Strength of Schedule anyway.

We also discussed changing the prize format. Each kit provides one alt art card, one playmat, and two deckboxes. FFG suggests the winner get one of everything and the second place player get the remaining deckbox. Since I have bits from multiple kits, I've been letting the winner mix and match, but we're thinking of an even more radical change: Each of the top four players gets one prize, picking in order of their rank. This will give more people the opportunity to get cool swag without forcing the top players in the area to carpet their bedrooms in playmats.

The winning decklists:
(note: these decklists are slightly out of date. This is what Sam played in June, the new decks are fundamentally the same. I believe this is also what he used in the Pandemonium Regionals, where he came in second)

Sam wrote:
Andy - No Clever Name:

3x account siphon
3x hostage
3x inside job
2x special order
3x sure gamble
3x desperado
2x dyson mem chip
1x e3 feedback implants
1x plascrete carapase
1x crypsis
1x femme fetale
3x daily casts
1x decoy
3x dirty laundry
1x kati jones
2x security testing
3x underworld contacts
3x datasucker *
1x dijinn **
1x medium ***
1x yog.0 *
1x atman ***
1x inti *
1x professional contacts++

The defining characteristics of this deck are (IMHO):
Inti over corroder for influence.
Dijinn for memory, data sucker/medium/crypsis tutor.
Contact econ.
No shutdowns.
No legworks.
No same old thing.

HB Engineering The Future - Brown Coats:

3x ABT
2x gila hands
3x vitruvius
3x NAPD Contracts
3x adonis campaign
2x private contracts
3x eli 1.0
2x heimdall 1.0
3x ichi 1.0
3x quandry
2x Rototurret
3x victor 2.0
2x wall of static
2x archived memories
1x biotic lobor
3x hedgefund
2x ash
1x coporate troubleshooter
3x caprice nesei ****
3x jackson howard *

This deck was developed in parallel with the more well know red coats. When I heard of red coats I did not appreciate that there was a notable difference between that deck and mine and started calling my deck red coats as well. For some time I assumed it was called this for the 3 Carpise it ran, only to find out later that this is not part of a standard build. The other major difference in mine is the lack of 3 pointers.

I also polled the group for some of their favorite moments from the tournament, here's what I got:

Installed a sacrifical future perfect with a red herring followed by a triple punitive counterstrike.

Playing against Harmony, he didnt ice HQ (he had to mulligan). Click 1 run HQ - priority req. Click 2 run R&D again, priority req.. Game over
Non random moment - Runner ran archives when i had a jackson out and several cards in Archives face down on his last click with 3 bits. I let him steal 4 points to double Punitive Counterstrike him. The game was 0 to 0 at the time.

Running with zero cards is deffintly how you beat jinnkiti. [R&D had a Komainu and Sam ran it for several turns to get money via Security Testing -Ed.]

I played 1 restructure during turns 2, 2 restructures in turn 3, and midseason turn 4.

At 6 to 5 against Elliot I had 2 RDIs but couldn't get into HQ or his remote, so he emptyed it on purpose so he could Jackson in 3 cards and score NAPD contract.

I sacrificed 6 pointd of agendas (cleaners,atlas,hostile takeover) in order to rez all 3 archers and trash all of Sam's barrier/AI brekers, leaving him unable to get into any server. We went to time and tied both with 5 points.
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