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So after selling my second edition about 20 years ago, today was my first game of Talisman in a looong time. Because it seemed so straightforward, we used the Reaper and Warlock Quests alternate ending (not that we expected to complete it in the hour we had available).

Last week I used a spreadsheet to generate a random set of characters for us to use:
I got the Dark Cultist.
A player familiar with second edition and the digital Talisman: Prologue got the Priest.
A player whom was totally new to the game got the Assassin.

A quick setup, a brief explanation of the rules for the newbie and we were away!

Right from the start, the Dark Cultist had a bad time of it, despite people saying she's one of the most powerful characters: A lowly strength 2 goblin defeated her in the fields by the chapel. Perhaps the chapel's god(s) influence spread to the adjacent spaces?

The Assassin, obviously encouraged by how weak the Dark Cultist appeared, decided to move in and assassinate her. Two lives gone in round one? What the flip?

The Priest rolled a series of sixes for his turns, so split his time between visiting the Enchantress and praying at the Chapel. Most of his prayers went unanswered, even with his +1 bonus. It seems the gods (or is it a monotheistic setting?) don't care if you're a man of the cloth.

Whilst the Assassin went around the board gathering Objects and Followers, the Dark Cultist didn't have much luck. She found a spell and killed two enemies - but both times the Forces of Darkness granted her a spell which she couldn't take due to low Craft.

A drink at the Tavern saw her being beaten up by a farmer. A farmer! The other two thought that was hilarious.

The Reaper didn't take long to move to the Outer Region, but for most of the game he just lurched around, looking menacing.

The Dark Cultist went for another drink in the Tavern, and was offered to be ferried across the Storm River. By this time she was in a poor state, despite having gained a life at the Graveyard. But look at all the goodies in the Temple! And it's not far from the Temple to get back into the Outer Region so greed got the better of her. Naturally, she rolled a double 1 and was knocked out of the game. More hilarity ensued.

The Priest, safely ensconced in his Chapel (again) got a chance to smite evil by moving the Reaper onto the Assassin. I suppose with the Assassin sending so many people the Reaper's way, they were actually friends. The Reaper promptly teleported to the Chapel and commenced a game of chess with the terror-stricken Priest.

Time was against us, and we had to clear away after only about 50 minutes play (it should have been 60, but one of the players was late). Still, it was probably the most amusing gaming session in a long time, and made a nice change from the sometimes tense games of X-wing. I think we all look forward to more slapstick nonsense in fantasy lands next week...
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