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Subject: 500 Games into 2010-11 NBA Replay rss

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David Hailey
United States
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I'm increasingly convinced my beloved Mavericks were fortunate to make it to the finals and do not anticipate they will make it in my replay, but I must carry on. I also do not see Miami as the front runner. They may beat Chicago and/or Boston to get out of the East, but San Antonio appears to have the best team. I figure Denver will fade when Anthony moves to New York. LA, Houston, Dallas, and OKC could still make things interesting. I should know in about 5 or 6 years.

My impressions of the game itself have improved. I love the flavor, but do think the scoring is running high. Maybe I should stall more often with a lead, but I don't think so the stall rule leads to too many turnovers - I mostly use it to get the last shot of the quarter. I also feel the fastbreak produces too much of an advantage, but maybe I'm trying too hard to find an explanation for Denver's crazy numbers - I keep thinking they will slow down.


Atlantic W L PCT GB
Boston 22 11 0.667 0
New York 18 15 0.545 4
Philadelphia 15 18 0.455 7
Toronto 13 20 0.394 9
New Jersey 10 24 0.294 12.5

Central W L PCT GB
Chicago 21 11 0.656 0
Milwaukee 16 15 0.516 4.5
Indiana 14 18 0.438 7
Detroit 12 21 0.364 9.5
Cleveland 9 25 0.265 13

Southeast W L PCT GB
Miami 27 9 0.750 0
Orlando 19 14 0.576 6.5
Charlotte 16 16 0.500 9
Atlanta 17 19 0.472 10
Washington 8 24 0.250 17


Northwest W L PCT GB
Denver 28 5 0.848 0
Oklahoma City 20 15 0.571 9
Utah 17 17 0.500 11.5
Portland 11 23 0.324 17.5
Minnesota 7 28 0.200 22

Pacific W L PCT GB
Los Angeles L 25 9 0.735 0
Los Angeles C 17 17 0.500 8
Sacremento 12 19 0.387 11.5
Phoenix 11 21 0.344 13
Golden State 9 24 0.273 15.5

Southwest W L PCT GB
Houston 23 11 0.676 0
New Orleans 23 11 0.676 0
San Antonio 22 11 0.667 0.5
Dallas 20 13 0.606 2.5
Memphis 18 16 0.529 5

James, LeBron MIA 33.0
Nowitzki, Dirk DAL 32.7
Anthony, Carmelo DEN 30.3
Westbrook, Russell OKC 28.8
Stoudemire, Amare NY 28.7
Bryant, Kobe LAL 28.5
Rose, Derrick CHI 26.4
Howard, Dwight ORL 25.8
Griffin, Blake LAC 24.8
Pierce, Paul BOS 24.0

Noah, Joakim CHI 12.0
Gasol, Pau LAL 11.9
Howard, Dwight ORL 11.9
Bogut, Andrew MIL 11.5
Love, Kevin MIN 11.4
Griffin, Blake LAC 11.1
Okafor, Emeka NO 10.6
Varejao, Anderson CLE 10.6
Jefferson, Al UTA 10.3
McGee, JaVale WAS 10.2

Rondo, Rajon BOS 10.0
Nash, Steve PHO 9.8
Calderon, Jose TOR 9.1
Paul, Chris NO 9.0
Felton, Raymond NY 8.8
Williams, Deron UTA 8.1
Kidd, Jason DAL 7.8
Rose, Derrick CHI 7.8
Wall, John WAS 7.8
Augustin, DJ CHA 7.7
Lowry, Kyle HOU 7.7
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Joseph Rody
United States
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Impressive that you have the enthusiasm and endurance to persevere through the schedule as far as you have. My patience gets tested in games between sub .500 teams that I have no affiliation with.

Replay seems to produce accurate stats based on the small sample I see in you posts. How long does a typical game take to play while recording stats?
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David Hailey
United States
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Ronin7 wrote:

Replay seems to produce accurate stats based on the small sample I see in you posts. How long does a typical game take to play while recording stats?

The scoring runs a little high, but I have cut back on the amount of time I run the fastbreak and my results are approaching normal. I usually play one quarter at a time in a little under 30 minutes for each and then updating the stats in Excel takes another 20-30 minutes. I'd say right at 2 hours/game.

I strive for 1 game/day and 200 games/year. Each morning before work, I play a quarter, usually the 1st quarter. Not all games are exciting, but there are usually elements within each game that liven things up. The rest system, injury charts, and especially the rare play charts always contribute to the variety. Today's game is Toronto v. New Orleans. NO should win, especially with Amir Johnson out for Toronto. No matter what, Chris Paul is always fun. Yesterday's game featured Derick Rose making a late run to eventually fall short against Memphis 100-101 including a clutch 2$ shot, a steal off the press, a rare play steal result where Mayo throws it away, only to end on a last second missed three point attempt by Rose.

A criticism leveled by a fellow BGGer when I began this project has long stuck in my craw. He characterized Replay as a game for 10-yr olds and recommended S-O-M. I love S-O-M for the many years of enjoyment it provided in the 20th century. I am certain I played over 2000 games of Strat in my youth, including the older red-boxed version, but now Replay is my game of choice. I read something said about History Maker Baseball that solidified my preference. The reviewer spoke to the enjoyment level of the game, emphasizing the word game, not simulation. S-O-M might actually be a better simulation, at least there is a double team rule (which I wish I could figure out one I liked for Replay). Yes, I want accurate statistical elements, but I also want the feel, the excitement that Replay generates. I'll stick with Replay - it is a great game!
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