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I have been playing through the LOTR scenarios, single handed (with the exception of Escape from Dol Goldur, which needed two decks) using only cards from the previous packs I have played (in my case, core + Mirkwood + Dwarrowdelf). For the Hobbit scenarios, I have added all of the cards from both Hobbit expansions. I also want my decks to be relatively themed - so no Rohan cards here, for example.

We Must Away, Ere Break of Day has been killing me for the past few days. But with careful reading of the posts on BoardGameGeek and trial and error I finally managed to unlock a deck that non only worked, but allowed me to stomp this scenario and win the treasures. I don't have a full session report but figured I would at least post my deck for those who have also been struggling as I had:


Gandalf x 3 (Core Version)
Fili x 3
Erebor Battle Master x 3
Erebor Hammer Smith x 3
Miner of the Iron Hills x 2
Erebor Record Keeper x 3
Dwalin x 3
Kili x 3
Zigil Miner x 2

Steward of Gondor x 2
Horn of Gondor x 2
--Obviously, these previous two attachments really break with the theme, but I find these resource-generating attachments too essential for success.--
Narvi's Belt x 3
Dwarven Axe x 1
Dwarrowdelf Axe x 1
Legacy of Durin x 3

Sneak Attack x 3
The Galadrihim's Greeting x 3 (also not so great with the theme)
Khazad! Khazad! x 3
Feint x 2
Heavy Stroke x 2

The strategy here is similar to what other folks found. Go slow during the first phase, building up a veritable army of dwarven allies. Thorin works as a resource generating machine, wearing Narvi's belt to give him flexibility and allowing him to pay for those Tactics cards. Nori, Gandalf, and Galadrihim's Greeting allow you to keep the threat low, and Ori and the Legacy of Durin keep the cards flowing. The Erebor Battle Master and Gandalf are your killing machines. The key is to be in a place to eliminate those first two trolls quickly (in 1-2 turns). Then you can keep the other one around till you make sure you have quested the Troll Cave.

I managed to win with a threat in the low 30s, questing through the Troll Cave and then killing the last dwarf in the last turn. As with all LOTR LCG games, there was a bit of luck (good and bad) involved in how the encounter deck played out.

I never used the axes and they were mostly leftover from previous deck experiments. It might work better to substitute them for more tactics events that help manage combat.

I suspect you could substitute some of those Spirit/Lore dwarfs for some of the named allies that appear in the Hobbit expansions and still win. However, they are more spendy, though I had resources to spare at the end. On the other hand, you need those cheap guys early on to get the bonuses for having five dwarves in play so that might make it more difficult.

Good luck!

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