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--The 3-Headed Dragon God--

A variation on the Talisman: Dragon Expansion. It plays more straight forward like the Bloodmoon and Reaper expansions. Some people might not like that, but to each their own. The premise is there is only a single "dragon king", which has three heads that fight for dominance among themselves. It is known as the "3-Headed Dragon God". And in its presence you might find yourself showered in treasure or forced to face one of his many servants. I created this for those that wish to have plenty of dragons roaming about, but find all the token management a bit annoying. I'm sure it could use some play testing, but it's fairly simple to tweak.

-Figure to represent the 3-Headed Dragon. Or you can use any dragon token you like (as none of the tokens are used otherwise).
(I'll be repainting a Bandai Chibi King Ghidorah for my own uses soon.)

Figure's starting location...
Plain of Peril

First time the 3-Headed Dragon moves...
-The first player to acquire a Talisman moves the 3-Headed Dragon after that turn.
-The dragon always moves out of the Inner Region (toward the Portal of Power) as it's first move.

After which the 3-Headed Dragon moves...
-After any player's turn in which they rolled a 3 for movement. (ala Death & Werewolf)
-After any turn in which an "Enemy-Dragon" card is drawn into play from ANY deck.
The dragon figure only ever moves once at the end of a player's turn... even if multiple Enemy-Dragon cards are drawn, etc.

How the dragon figure moves(flies)...
-Roll a die and move it the full count. (ala Death & Werewolf)
-May move(fly) across the river ONCE per movement from ANY square. Meaning it doesn't require Tavern ferry or Sentinel's bridge.
-May move(fly) up-or-down over a Highlands "barrier" ONCE per movement, but must continue the forward or backward movement it started with.
-Can enter the Highlands (via the Crags as normal).
-Can enter the City and moves either clockwise or counter-clockwise along the street squares.
-Can not enter City shops,etc.
-Can not enter the dungeon.
-Can not re-enter the inner region.

If the 3-Headed Dragon ends its movement in the same space as a player...
-Nothing special happens.

If a player BEGINS their turn in the same space as the 3-Headed Dragon... it keeps them from moving(imprisoned) & they are subject to the 3-Headed Dragon's whims.
-Do not move/roll to move. (Rafts are NOT kept, and are discarded.)
-Ignore ALL instructions on the space. (For example, the 3-Headed Dragon supersedes Temple imprisonment, and keeps the Tavern's ferryman from traveling players that previously rolled 6 at the Tavern the turn before.)
-Draw ONE card from the Dragon Deck, and add it to cards on the space (if any).
-Player faces that new card and all cards on space.
Note: As per above, if the drawn card is an "Enemy-Dragon" then 3-Headed Dragon moves after the turn is over.

If a player ends his movement on the same space as the 3-Headed Dragon...
-He may choose to face the space (as per usual).
-He may choose to face a player located there (as per usual).
-He may choose to face the forces of the 3-Headed Dragon (handled the same as if beginning a turn on the 3-Headed Dragon occupies).

NOTE: Even if the 3-Headed Dragon is on the Sentinel space, players still must face the Sentinel when attempting to move across the river.

There is only a single dragon deck in this variation; which is a selected mix from the three.
If ever a card requires knowing the "Dragon King" (example: Verdant Altar), use the color indicated by the next card on the dragon god deck.
Below are the cards I use for it's construction.

-Gold Dragon Head-
amber dragon
bronze dragon
cadorus acolyte
cadorus archpriest
cadorus priestess
copper wyvern
covetous dragon
crown domination
desert drake
dragon eggs
dragon tears
ethereal dragon
faerie dragon
fiery onslaught
gilded dragon
gold dragon (x2)
golden gauntlet
hand of midas
luck dragon
magic object
magic tankard
radiant dragon
surprise attack
topaz dragon
treasure hoard
village raid (x2)
wyvern fledgling

-Green Dragon Head-
arboreal dragon
amethyst dragon
carrion drake
celestial dragon
deadly rivals
dragonfire skull
emerald dragon
green dragon (x2)
grilipus druid
grilipus druidess
grilipus shaman
mystic dragon
psionic wand
plague dragon
sacrificial stone
shadow dragon
spectral dragon
spell caller
sprite dragon
st. george
swamp dragon
temple raid (x2)
vampiric dragon
vapour dragon
venomous dragon
verdant altar
woodland drake
woodland elf

-Red Dragon Head-
black dragon
brimstone wyvern
castle raid (x2)
cloud dragon
deadly rivals
dragon bane
dragon hatchery
dragon helm
dragon matriarch
dragon toad
dragon whelp
dragonspine pass
exorcist's blade
fire drake
fire storm
holy lance
hydra dragon
inferno dragon
ivory dragon
mountain dragon
red dragon (x2)
ruby dragon
swordscale dragon
two-headed dragon
varthrax warlord
varthrax warrior
varthrax zealot
volcanic dragon
wyrm slayer

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