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Subject: New Player vs Dominion War OP2 *Result* rss

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Jason Bowling
United Kingdom
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So I just completed Dominion War OP2. I want to thank everyone who replied to my original post your suggestions were very helpful, I will now give a quick rundown of how I fared.


Negh'var class - 28
Martok - 5
- 33 -

K'vort class - 24
Worf - 3
N'Garen - 4
- 31 -

Vor'cha class - 26
Gowron - 4
Alexander - 3
- 33 -

Total - - 97 - -

Battle Reports
(Apologies in advance I can't remember every card used by my opponents but I'll do my best)

Battle 1

Opponent Fleet

4th Division Battleship
Gul Ducat
Cochrane Deceleration Maneuver
Breen Aide

5th Wing Patrol Ship
Khan Singh
Cheat Death
Suicide Attack


After reading guides online I decided to deploy my fleet in a tight line in one corner of the map. My opponent surprised me by deploying in the opposite corner aligning his fleet with his deployment edge.

I creep forward using 1 maneuvers cloaking and waiting for my opponent to work his way around the board. The patrol ship loses its shields to weapon platforms fire, while my fleet evades most shots. When we engage the neg'var lands some hits on the battleship, then the vor'cha is destroyed before getting a chance to do anything (Gowron Leader of the Klingon Empire dies an honorable death) and my k'vort strips the remaining shields from the battleship. The Negh'var is destroyed by weapons platform fire, this leaves me with only the k'vort captained by Worf. Can he pull it out the bag?

I anticipated my opponent's moves putting his ships behind me so I throw the K'vort into a 3 come about putting me directly behind both his ships. The battleship clips a debris field while turning taking a damage and losing his action (later my opponent would tell me he planned to use Cochrane Deceleration Maneuver) K'vort fires inflicting hull damage and the nearby weapons platform gets the kill.

The Patrol ship's maneuver has left it pointing at the board edge forcing my opponent to make an easy to predict turn. The K'vort is lined up perfectly for a shot using Worf and N'Garen for massive damage, my opponent uses cheat death only to be killed again by the weapons platform.


MVP: Weapons Platform - 3 kills!

Battle 2

Opponent Fleet

Khan Singh
Cyrano Jones
Ablative Generator

I.R.W. Khazara
Interphase Generator


Deployment goes closer to what I originally expected with my opponent lining his fleet up against the same board edge as me as we prepare to joust.

As usual I move 1 forward and cloak while my opponent tears towards me at speed 4, the warbird cloaks and voyager deploys it's ablative armour and generates a tribble.

I move 1 forward, my opponent moves 4 with the warbird while Voyager ducks in behind it moving towards the board edge with a gentle 1 (I see instantly he's made a mistake and Voyager has no way of escaping it's own demise). the warbird eats several shots from my fleet as well as the nearby weapons platform inflicing 2 warp core breaches (yes the deck was thoroughly shuffled), my opponent doesn't return fire choosing to remain cloaked and Voyager being out of range.

I move 1 forward, my opponent move his warbird 1 forward and then promptly drives voyager off the table edge. The warbird survives this turns shooting from my 3 ships and the weapons platform due to his interphase generator.

My opponent rolls 2 crits for his warp core breaches and explodes.


MVP: Voyager - Most points lost in a single move.

Battle 3

Opponent fleet

Borg Tactical Cube
Borg Queen
Ablative armour
Borg Assimilation Tubules
Four of Twelve
Full Assault
Borg Missile


Here it is, The Borg! The match up I was fearing the most. How would I do?

We deployed in the expected fashion for the scenario. The first turn goes in a similar way to previous with me moving 1 forward and cloaking and my opponent moving 4 forward.

Another turn of movement, no action.

New turn. I move 1 forward and prep my fleet for battle with the K'vort using N'Garen, and the other 2 ships acquiring target locks on the cube in anticipation of the upcoming turkey shoot.

The Cube moves backwards. . . what!?

My cowardly opponent in fear of my awesome firepower had decided to go back the way he came, leaving the weapons platform to shoot at me. It crits the Negh'var disabling my action bar.

Now I'm filled with Klingon Battle Rage and charge my fleet 2 forward chasing after my opponent. The Cube moves 1 forward to lose it's aux power token and then uses Four of Twelve the remove the Neg'var's target lock. The Klingons fire removing the cube's shields and inflicting 2 damage on the ablative armour. Return fire is negligible.

I move 1 forward and repair the Negh'var's damaged sensors, my opponent after much thinking decides to also move 1 forward and assimilate N'Garen. The Klingons Negh'var and Vorcha fire inflicting heavy damage including destroying the Borg Missile (crit). The Cube returns fire with full assault inflicting minor damage. Worf seizes the day and destroys the Borg cube with my last attack of the event.


MVP: K'vort - 1 Borg Tactical Cube

The Ch'tang is mine!!!

Again I want to thank everyone who advised me.

The event was really fun and everyone was super nice, I will be attending events there in future.
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James Patrick
United States
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Impressive. Thanks for sharing.
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