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Subject: DECK- Andromeda Deck need help with rss

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Joe Silva
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Ok, so i'm a very new player, and new to the whole LCG scene. Addicted, but sadly i suck at the game or deck building or both. lol So advice is needed! Looking online and at the local shop it seems Andromeda is a good bet for a runner, letting you get a good set up early on. Love the identity, but i'm still getting used to playing the game i think.

Anyways, some useful advice and possible tweaks would be appreciated.

(ID) Andromeda


(2) ZU13 Key Master ** **
(2) Corroder ** **

(2) SneakDoor Beta


(2) Desperado
(2) Dyson MemChip
(2) Plastcrete Carapace
(2) Clone Chip


Kati Jones
(3) Daily Casts
(3) Same Old Thing
(3) Underworld Contact


(3) Planned Assault
(3) Special Order
(3) Sure Gamble
(2) Forged Activation Orders
(2) Indexing
(2) Inside Job
(2) Emergency Shutdown
(2) Account Siphon

Ok, so obviously my income is a little reliant on resources. Therefore i tend to play a little cautious towards getting tagged heavily. But please a good friend or two has helped me thus far with the deck, and it seems to me to be pretty solid... but i'd love some help in both play style that should go along with it, and/or any advice on what to drop or pick up.
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Yi Sheng Siow
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For reference, here is a typical andy list.

Andromeda lists are very standard, and in general there is an accepted "template" for what the best andromeda decks look like. There are 2 flavours: (1) datasucker, (2) magnum opus.

(1) is the standard. Compared to the "accepted best templates":
.You're playing clone chip without parasite
parasite is good with clone chip.
.You're playing underworld contacts and dyson mem chips
these cards are too slow in general.
.You're missing 1 account siphon
it's a good card. generally you want 3.
.You're not playing datasuckers
it's the most efficient way to break ICE. you'd also swap your icebreakers out to mimic and yog.0.
.You're not playing kati jones
it's top-tier econ
.You're not playing dirty laundry
another burst econ card for your opening hand, esp with desperado
.You're not playing security testing
a weapon against asset economy, you run their naked assets and trash them with the money from sec testing, also pressures archives
.You're not playing faerie
a great way to run servers without fear of destroyers hitting your other breakers

I won't go through opus andy. You can search that one up for yourself.
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simon bradford
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Joe_deman wrote:

Ok, so obviously my income is a little reliant on resources. Therefore i tend to play a little cautious towards getting tagged heavily. But please a good friend or two has helped me thus far with the deck, and it seems to me to be pretty solid... but i'd love some help in both play style that should go along with it, and/or any advice on what to drop or pick up.

Well first of all it would be helpful to know what problems you've been having. If the deck seems pretty solid to you, may I ask why you are asking for help?

That being said what stands out to me is:


Generally runners need to types of economy, baseline and burst. Baseline is the long-term stuff like Magnum Opus, or Hard at Work. It's gives you the money you need to install programs, but you'll probably find it insufficient for make tough runs. Burst econ are your Sure Gambles and Stimhacks they give you the quick influx of cash needed to run tough remotes.
If we look at your deck you have both but there are some concerns.
Baseline: Underworld Contact (3) + Desperado (2) + Daily Casts (3)
Burst: Kati Jones (1) + Sure Gamble (3)

The biggest thing that jumps out to me is that you are running a lot less burst econ than baseline stuff. I`d imagine you have hard times running servers with taxing ice, especially if there are nasty surprises at the bottom (Caprice, Ash). Kati is good as she`s a burst econ that`s reusable, but with only one copy and no way to tutor for it`s likely to not see her in a match. Sure Gamble is good, but it has a fairly high threshold, you don`t want to waste clicks getting the credits to pay for it.
The other thing I`d be worried about economy-wise, is the fragility of your baseline econ. Desperado only generates you money if you already had a reason to run that server. For example: if you`re using Desperado to run archives to gain one and that`s it (i.e. you get nothing else from that run, datasucker tokens, card draw from John Masanori, more money from Security Testing) it`s no better than clicking for a credit. Underworld Contacts is fine if you see the Dyson Mem Chips. You have only two DMC`s and no way to tutor for them. This kind of baseline stuff is much better the earlier you get it started in a game, and without the DMC`s the UWC`s are dead weight in your hands. Daily Casts is good, but only for so long.

So my recommendations would be:
1) more burst econ - Dirty Laundry is great and it synergizes with Desperado. You could add some extra copies of Kati to be sure to draw her, or some Hostages to tutor for her.
2) Shore up your baseline econ - if you want to run UWC you need to be able to guarantee that second link. You can achieve this with tutorable link like Helpful AI + hostage (until we get a hardware tutor). Also useful would be to add in some things that synergize with Desperado. Dirty Laundry would be one. Datasuckers and Security Testing are others (as are Grifter and John Masanori).

Also a part of econ I forgot to mention is card draw. Being able to click for a card is good, but sometimes something important will be buried on the bottom of your deck and you need to get to it. Or you need to recover from hitting a Snare!. Or whatever, the point is you need some draw other than simply the base actions. Criminals have two good options Mr Li and Express Delivery, neither of which let's you draw more per say, but they let you draw better and dig deeper into your deck if you're searching for something. They both have their advantages but Mr Li is a connection if you want to go the Hostage route I mentioned.


First let's look at your suite.


(2) ZU13 Key Master ** **

Zu13 is cheap decoder. Cheap isn't bad. All those corps who feel so smug about only running Quandry's, thinking you'll have to pay 5 to install a Yog.0 will be disappointed. But there are a lot more code gates out there than that and Zu.13 becomes rapidly inefficient at breaking them. I like however 1) you can get Zu.13 out quickly and painlessly, and that you get full value from the splash if you can get that 2nd MU. If you want Zu.13 to break Inazuma's or Victor 2.0's you'll need to support it. Datasuckers will help, dragging Ice down to a reasonable strength, as will Ice Carver. Helpful AI can also give a nice temporary boost.


Garrote is a very expensive killer. And since sentries are the last piece of Ice you want to face check, not being able to install this quickly and cheaply is going to seriously hinder your ability to pressure the corp early. Either you'll need to seriously support this breaker (Modded, Scavange, Retrieval Run, etc... Criminal doesn't really have any tools for this) or you should consider dropping it altogether for a cheaper killer (or killers!). Ninja is cheaper, but boosts it's strength in an awkward manner. Faerie's are extremely efficient, once. Though they work well with your Clone Chips. Mimic is good but can't boost it's strength (ends up needing support from other breakers or datasuckers). I've found it effective to run a few different cheap killers to patch up each other's holes, like 3 Faeries + 1 Mimic. That way any low level stuff (Caduceus, Rototurrent) can be dealt with by the Mimic and Bigger stuff goes to the Faeries (and then gets Emergency Shutdown'd).

(2) Corroder ** **

Not much to say here. Corroder is good, and extremely versatile. It may still be helpful to support it with Datasuckers or Ice Carver (Eli 1.0 are a real pain to get through.)


So breaker destruction is a thing and a deck needs to be able to handle this tragedy. Generally there are two ways to go about it, one is redundancy (having multiple copies of your breakers) and one is recursion (having ways to get your breakers back from your Heap). Both have their advantages. Redundancy let's you find your breakers quicker or with less need for tutors. Recursion let's you use the recursion cards for other things (Clone Chipping a Parasite for example). You have both yet profit from neither of these advantages. You're still running a full set of Special Orders, so each breaker you draw makes a Special Order a dead draw (which feeds into the importance of having better draw abilities of the basic action). And if you're playing a match and you've got your full suite on the table your Clone Chips are dead draws (they'd be great with Faeries though, or grappling hooks.) I'd suggest that whatever tweaks you make to your breaker suite you keep in mind how it fits in with your back-up plan.
Crypsis is your last ditch breaker, for when your back-up plan has failed. A quick check will show you that Crypsis is extremely inefficient at breaking anything your above suite can (there's a reason it has the word 'cry' in it's name.) Running only one is a good idea.

Finally there is some Ice that you do not want to break. Tollbooth for example. Even with a Yog.0 + 2 Datasuckers the corp is happy to see this get run through. You can try to use Emergency Shutdown, but if it's on HQ it's going to be a huge pain. Good options are to either kill it (with Parasite, or Forged Activation Orders) or to bypass it (Inside Job, or Femme Fatale). I'd highly recommend a Femme or two for just such a case. She also doubles as a sentry-breaker!

Other Thoughts:

Playing Andromeda you should have a good plan for your turn 1. What you really don't want is being forced to discard good cards because you weren't able to play four cards. Keeping this in mind aim for cheapness. Cards that cost 1 or 0 that you want to play turn 1 are great (Datasucker, Security Testing, Faerie, Same Old Thing, Etc...)

I think you're over influence. 4 (Corroder) + 4 (Zu.13) + 4 (Clone Chip) + 6 (Indexing) = 18 Maybe you meant 1 Indexing?
Also you're at 44 cards by my count, you need to add one to meet minimum requirements.

Hope that helps, and welcome to Netrunner!
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