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United States
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1967, Sword of Israel, scenario twenty-three: Ismailia Pass

This is a tank on tank scenario and looked like it would be fun to play. The Egyptians get 12 T55 Platoons, one M53 AA halftrack Platoon and some leaders and get to start dug-in. The Israelis get 10 M48A2 Platoons, 10 Centurion-5 Platoons, some leaders and airpower as well and must clear three hexes within any road, free of undemoralized Egyptian units by the end of the game.

Like any scenario with so many setup options and terrain types it is hard to decide how to best setup and how to enter the map as well, which is a good thing as each play will most likely produce different results. In my game I believe I spread out my Egyptians too much giving the Israelis the advantage of just whittling away the Egyptians with their two to one advantage in armor and air-support. The Egyptians did have a few successes but once their M53 AA unit was destroyed the dug-in T55 were at the mercy of the Israeli airpower and numerical armor advantage, getting pounded with an Israeli victory.

Interesting, this game is starting to grow on me. So many AFV/Vehicle types in 1967: M48A2, M48A, M48, AMX13, AML90, TCM20, M53, M50, M51, M52, Sherman, M3, M113, Jeep-106, ENTAC, Cent3, Cent5, T54, T55, T34/85, JS3, PzIV, Su100, BRT152, BTR60, BTR50, BTR40, OT62, PT76, Sakr-18, BM24, AT-1 and I might be missing a few. Well you get the idea, lots of new unit types fighting in the desert to go along with all the Infantry, Artillery, Aircraft and nationalities.
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