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David Gómez Relloso
Dobro (Los Altos)
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18.2.14 More Difficult Republican Automatic Victory (Pro-Nationalist)

Highly recommended basic option:
The check to determine if the Republican Player has achieved Automatic Victory is performed immediately upon the conclusion of the 6th Nationalist Action Round (i.e. before the Republican Player has conducted his 6th Action Round). The Nationalist Player’s Automatic Victory is still checked in step D.1.
If using this optional rule, record any changes in Republican Morale due to the Nationalist Famine Event at the conclusion of the 6th Nationalist Action Round (instead of at the end of the Turn).

NOTE: In a similar way as we have done with the Attrition Phase, by using this optional rule we avoid giving advantage to the Republican Player just for playing the last Round of each Turn. This granted the Republican Player the chance to achieve an Automatic Victory while his opponent had no means to counteract it. Since many of these 'attempts for glory' were absurdly rash operations, this rule helps to discourage ahistorical play just to reach Automatic Victory.

Besides the basic option above, either of the following options may be applied instead of the above rule, or in addition to the above rule:

Option 1:
The Republican Morale (RM) level necessary for the Republican Player to achieve an Automatic Victory increases by +2 on every Turn.

EXAMPLE: At the end of Turn 7 the Republican Player would obtain an Automatic Victory if the RM level is at 28 or more (instead of 26 or more, as listed on the chart).

Option 2 (courtesy of Ion Calafel and Pablo Álvarez):
The Republican Player may only obtain an Automatic Victory by meeting the Republican Morale (RM) level requirements for two consecutive turns.

EXAMPLE: At the end of Turn 7 the RM level is at 27 (i.e. in the '26+' range for Republican Automatic Victory). However, the game continues and the Republican Player only qualifies for an Automatic Victory if the RM level is still 25 or higher at the end of Turn 8 (i.e. in the Automatic Victory range for the second consecutive Turn).

NOTE: The Automatic Victory means that the player has notably improved the historical situation of his side at that time. The level required for both players is - in theory - balanced, but in practice it is more feasible for the Republican Player to achieve, especially during the Mobilization Phase (turns 6 to 11). There are two reasons for this:

1) The Nationalist Player is forced to continuously, and expeditiously, reduce the RM to avoid the risk of a Republican Automatic Victory.

2) The Republican Player has several options for increasing the RM with limited effort in an attempt to gain an Automatic Victory, even if such operations are expected to be short-lived (for example, capturing a space that the enemy will easily recover later).

During the development of the game the Automatic Victory levels were carefully considered and tested. Ultimately, we decided on the levels listed in the chart, since that gave the Republican Player a feasible option of winning if he plays aggressively; and to oblige the Nationalist Player – who keeps the initiative in the game - to maintain a constant progression (as they did historically). It is recommended to apply this Optional Rule in the first few games, and especially if the Nationalist Player has little experience with the game.

18.2.15 Badajoz: Limited Supply Source (Pro-Nationalist)

The space of Badajoz is now treated as only a Limited Republican Supply Source: it may only be used for tracing supply, not for deploying reinforcements or combat units rebuilt with Replacement Points.
In addition, once the Nationalist Player captures Badajoz, the space will no longer be a Republican Supply Source of any type for the rest of the game (even if recaptured by the Republican side). Badajoz remains a VP Space, with the usual changes in VP and RM when its controls changes from one side to the other.

NOTE: Historically Badajoz was not an important logistic center. However, we decided to make it a Republican Supply Source to reflect its importance during the first weeks of the war, and to simulate that the Nationalist columns from the south could not simply ignore that capital during their advance through Extremadura. Reflecting this particularity of Badajoz more realistically would had meant adding exceptions to the rules, and we opted for avoiding that. Through this Optional Rule players have the opportunity of improving the historical simulation of the game, though with added complexity.
If using this rule, it is suggested that you use one of the blank counters included in the game, placing it next to Badajoz after it is captured by the Nationalist side to indicate that the space is no longer a Republican Supply Source.

18.2.16 Pact of Santoña (Nationalist Event - Card 31): An additional +1 NAT RP (Pro-Nationalist)

Besides the effects shown on the card, when playing this event the Nationalist Player receives +1 NAT RP (recorded on the General Records Track and which may be spent during the Replacements Phase, as usual).

NOTE: Historically, after the capitulation of the Basque nationalist battalions in Santoña, many of the captured soldiers were incorporated into the Nationalist army. The extra Replacement Point reflects those new forced conscripts.
When the game was first being developed, Republican regional units could always receive replacements if they were supplied. However, after adding rule 14.1.7 (regional units outside their region of origin may no longer receive replacements if they cannot trace a supply line to their region of origin), this reduced the effectiveness of the “Pact of Santoña” Event. With this Optional Rule we improve its effectiveness a bit to make it more interesting.

NOTE: I have uploaded a file with all these Optional Rules in the Files section.
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