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Subject: To beer or not to beer? rss

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Peter Schott
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
Please fondle my bum.
Fantasy pub is a card & dice game where different fantasy races from the same clan (the players) try to enter a pub, drink as much as they can and still be able to leave without being thrown out.

There are six tables at the pub (numbered one to six, each represented by one card) as well as the door, and there is the barman on a (plastic) stand.

Each player enters one random character with 4 gold coins.

There are 4 different races, and each player owns (in ascending order):
2 hobbits
2 dwarfs
2 orcs
1 troll

On his turn, a player rolls two dice, and can make two moves on one die each, or one with the sum of the dice. This of course leads to some decison making, but overall there are not that much possibilities that make sense.

The moves are:
> Enter one new character with as much gold as you rolled (6 max), as long as there is noone of your clan at the door.
> Move one character clockwise. If he gets to sit at a table with another character, he must drink: If all are from the same race, each one drinks a beer because they are happy to see the others again. If there are only different races, the smaller ones must buy the bigger ones a beer.
Drinking beer is easy: Just turn one cold coin over. On the other side there are the beer counters.
If a character has drunk, each beer slows his movement down by one, so that he will shamble down the bar sooner or later. It gets increasingly difficult to move drunken characters at all, most time using 2 dice.
> Leave the bar, if the character stands at the door and has drunk at least as much beer as he possesses gold coins. This is the way to win the game. There is a number of beers you must safely bring out of the bar, it depends of course on the number of players. (The more player, the fewer the beers)
> move the barkeeper. Everyone has to drink a beer when the barkeeper comes to his table.

Every character without money who has to pay for a beer is thown out. The hitherto drunk beers are not counted, though he can reenter the bar as a usual move by the player.

Everey race has its own special rules:
Hobbits can steal goold if there is one at the table.
dwarfs, which are very stubborn and dislike rules, can also go counterclockwise.
Orcs can leave of they are at the same table with the barkeeper, becuase they blackmail him with something they know about him.
Trolls are dumb. They leave a goldcoin at the table whenever they move.

The cards of the tilsit edition are very beautyfull. Even the same races of different players are differ. (So that there are 5 different hobbits etc. in play.) Some pics may be called offensive, if you are a feminist or so (cf the female characters pic I uploaded)
On the other side, the plastic stand is not good and the barman topples over frequently. Even worse, there is not enough (cardboard) money provided. We did run out on money in a 4 players game. In a 5 players game this will happen more even often.
Apart from that, the game is enjoyable and funny. It gets increasingly harder to move the characters, as they fill up with beer. This is a problem especially for trolls who otherwise are clear winners, as they get lots of beers for free. Hobbits on the other hand are most of the time useless, as they only pay for beers. O.K., when it is one of your clan, that gets the beer, otherwise is just exploitation. The Hobbits have to find a table of there own, where they can drink with other hobbits. But eventually some hobbits will leave, making the last one a sitting duck.
The game plays well, but at some times there is not much choice, and the game is ruled by dice luck. This is O.K., because it falls under the „light filler" category. Sometimes, it takes a bit too long for that (max ¾ to 1 h), so I`ll give it a 7.
It is best enjoyed with some beers. Cherio!
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