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This thread describes/discusses the design and development of the Guildhall-Job Faire Expansion additions to the base game SoloPlay variant.

The rules also include how to play a full game of Guildhall using all 12 roles.

The download is available using the following link(s):
Guildhall Job Faire SoloPlay Rules
Guildhall Base Game SoloPlay Rules

More game files available here on the Geek can be accessed from the following Geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek

SoloPlay- BGG user GameRulesforOne
Design Goals: To seamlessly integrate the Guildhall expansion into the base game rules and to figure out a reliable way to use part of/all of the expansion with the base game.

I was not actually driven to pick up the expansion for some reason. The game was only getting SoloPlay in my home with maybe one or two multi-player plays (2 player only if I recall). I think it took a Cool Stuff daily sale for me to pull the trigger on the expansion. For the price I could not resist.

I played the expansion on its own with my oldest son and he seemed to be getting into it although I won all of our plays with almost every one coming down to the last turn. The expansion played quite a bit differently than the base game but a little bit slower with all of the card manipulation and deck searching. I never tried integrating the expansion until I started working on this variant and figured I had better do what I can. My initial skepticism fell away half way through my first playtest. “This is going to work”, I said to myself with a smile.
SoloPlay Guildhall Job Faire Design Comments:
It all started where the first variant ended. I just needed to come up with the methods the AI would use to play its professions.

Most turned out to be very straight forward but the peddler was annoying. That role was a tough one because the AI does not maintain a ‘hand’ and therefore I had to work around this. As it turned out it is a very situational role for the AI which was OK given how the other roles were a step up in potency. Early on in the design the peddler role was a little too friendly to you. I could not have that and thus nerfed the action a bit making it a bit more conditional.

I was pleased that the balance remained on par with the base variant. If playing only with only the expansion I might say it is slightly easier to achieve a victory but it depends quite a bit on how the tax collector and peddler roles fall. You have to pay attention to the available VP supply.

Should I try to create a full game variant?

Once the expansion seemed to find its place I thought about integrating the expansion into the base game in its full capacity (I included a switch out suggestion to maintain game balance). The question was would 12 roles be too much to manage? With 12 profession stacks, absolutely.

It was at that moment that lightning struck and I figured that the groupings that I put together for properly 6 role play could be used to put together the full variant. It took only half of one play to get my answer. It was a resounding, yes. I thought to myself this is wonderful and all of the choices I now have to manipulate the game state and still use the base mechanics.

The key was the groupings. The restrictions that they provide in addition to the potential were so intriguing. The addition of the multi-value chapters was big (BIG). This throws in another twist as a ‘pure’ chapter = 2 chapters. What this did was give a couple of the roles (trader and hunter) an additional consideration to try and ‘purify’ a profession grouping to get 2 chapters instead of 1.

Suffice it to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the full game. I play mostly with the known distribution method but just because the overall balance is there. I would hate to get in a situation where there is an abundance of a couple roles and little of others. The upside to playing the random distribution is setup time, draw 120 cards. Done.

Goal of the rule design
1. Seamless expansion integration.
2. Permit the player to determine the number of roles to be played with.
3. Figure out how to integrate all of the roles into a single game.

Comments are always welcome.

Final Thoughts
This was another enjoyable design experience and reminded me of how much fun I had with the base game variant. This is a very meaty solo variant.
Setup time: about 2-5 minutes
Play time: about 30-45 minutes

If you have questions about the rules, you can be post them here or to this user’s mailbox to be answered individually, if needed. I will add a FAQ to this post as I see the need.

Other games that will be/are available from SoloPlay/GameRulesforOne are posted within a Geeklist that I created: SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek

All new variants and information about upcoming projects will be listed there.

SoloPlay Motto:
A game that sits in a closet is a waste. Get it out and play it any way you can. These are just my ideas.
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