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Josh Malbon
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Santa Cruz
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Part One

48 BC

Turn 1:

Pompey with a IV card moved out many naval fleets into Internum, Aegeum, and Hadriatricum. And Syracuse attacked Caesar himself. Caesar moved navis out into Hispanum and Bolstered Massilia and Tarraco.
When it came to battle versus Syracuse in Messana, Caesar illegaly fled across the strait to his forces in Rhegium. (I forgot you couldn't retreat in the first round.)

Turn 2:
Caesar amphibeously crossed Mare Hispanum and built some auxilia in Iomnium. His forces of four legions from Tarraco attacked Carthago Nova's two legions and cavalry.

Pompey crossed 3 seas to land in Ravenna to threaten Antonius in Rome. Athena's legion crossed 2 seas to protect Utica, where they raised an Elephant army.

The Battle in Carthago Nove did not go well for Caesar's forces. After losing the 9th Legion, they retreated back to Tarraco to lick their wounds.

Turn 3:
Pompey blessed by Mercury moved the cavalry from Antioch to fill the absence in Ephesus.

Caesar moved his Navis into Tyrrhenum. His forces in Tarraco strengthened their resolve.

Turn 4:
Caesar and the 13th Legion snuck into the west of Sicilia. And returned a legion to Massilia to protect the cavalry there.
Pompey's 37th Flanked by Caesar forces fled back to Syracuse to protect themselves and the city. With Elephants in tow the 32nd and the 39th attempted to remove Caesar's forces from North Africa. Brutus met up with the 34th in Ravenna.

Caesar's 14th and their Auxilia were from Iomnium. Pompey's forced regrouped in Utica knowing they had full control over North Africa again.

Turn 5:
Pompey moved their Elephant army to Syracuse with the 39th.
Antonius & the 16th left Rome to meet Brutus & the 34th in Ravenna. Caesar's Ballista came in reserves.

Caesar's navis met the galleys of Pompey in Internum. Outmatched, none of Caesar's sailors survived. By the time the ballista arrived in Ravenna. Brutus & the 34th fled to Aquileia.


47 BC
Turn 1:
Brutus & the 34th took Ravenna.
The 37th, 39th, and their Elephants defeated two more of Caesar's legions in Messana.

Turn 2:
Through a blessing from Jupiter. Caesar's forces commandeered the elephants in Syracuse.
Brutus stepped up and moved his forces to Genua to threaten Rome and Massilia.

Turn 3:
Brutus & the 34th pushed their luck going for the lightly guard Massilia. They wanted the kill to gain the VP. Instead the cavalry of Lugdunum claimed Brutus' skull on a spear-tip.
Carthago Nova took heavy casualties, but was once again able to fight off Caesar's forces for another day.
Caesar and his "acquired" Elephant army annihilated the 37th & the 39th taking control of Syracuse.
Pompey's forces were visibly rattled with Brutus' defeat. They were left in Scipio's hand still lounging in Antioch.

Turn 4:
Under Scipio's lead, Pompey's forces had no idea what to do. They had the ability to move III groups, but nowhere to go.
The cavalry left Massilia undefended to join the 10th and 11th in Tarraco. Caesar wanted Carthago Nova and Pompey's forces gone from Western Europe.

Turn 5:
On the wings of Mercury, the 10th & 11th with the victor of Massilia, the Lugdunum cavalry attacked Carthago Nova.
All Scipio's forces could do was ready their navis for Winter.
The 10th & 11th fled back to Tarraco again! After losing the hereos of Massilia, the Lugdunum cavalry had been defeated.


46 BC

The Civil War's effect had been made. Few able men were available. Many had died.

Turn 1-3:
Both sides did lots of postering. Caesar once again built up forces in Tarraco, while Pompey's brought an army to Neapolis to threaten Rome.

Turn 4:
The 34th & 39th went for broke and attacked Atonius & the 17th in Rome! Both armies had Ballista. This could quite be the war. Rome was taken in the 1st round by Pompey's forces. Antonius slain in the process.

Turn 5:
Pompey added the 1st Legion in Rome for more defense, while Caesar's forces came with the God of War to destroy Carthago Nova for good. They finally achieved their victory over Carthago Nove, all for naught. The battle of Rome shifted the balance into victory for Pompey.

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