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Subject: 3er in Germany rss

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Ann De Haes
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Players: Doug, Ageeth, me (Ann). This time no Fransisca, since she works on Friday nights.

Since we did not play too many games last we, we deceided that the game we would play, would be a 'real' game, and we went for a 3 player Power Grid session. As far as I recall, it was our first 3 player session ever. We choose the Germany map and sealed off the lower and the higher part of the map, leaving us with the super cheap Ruhr area, and the rather expensive Eastern Germany. We/Ageeth found out that it's rather expensive to move into the Ruhr are from the South.

Things started of as usual, with me getting the 4 plant. Ageeth took the 8, and Doug took the 7. They both could power (and built) 2 cities the first turn. I started in the Ruhr area, Ageeth to my South and Doug tried to seal of Eastern Germany and threatened to close me in.

Next turn, I got the 13, Doug got nothing, and Ageeth got her favorite 9 plant. I could buy my third city, and Doug could do that too. Ageeth was in the best seat, and could build and power 3 cities. Since the higher plants did not come up so soon, we found that there was a lot more plant turn-over in a 3 player game. Later on I secured the 28 (4 cities, one radioactivity) and the 21 (4 cities, 2 coal OR oil). Too bad that Ageeth was behind in cities and got in the same turn the 34 (5 cities, 1 radioactivity). I stayed in the lead and got a substantial amount of money each turn (which I really needed to buy the necessary raw materials, and to pay up for the more expensive connection costs, while Ageeth and Doug slowly moved in, buy connecting the cheap Ruhr-area cities). Then Stufe 3 began (it was really early this game, in a six player game, we're almost waiting for it sometimes), and Ageeth could power 12 cities at that time. Doug could power 13 and I could power 14 cities. I was at 14 cities, and Doug and Ageeth were at 13 at that time. So we really needed to buy plants. I had anticipated a bit (we all saw the Stufe 3 card), and I had stuffed my 28 plant with 2 radioactivity (there is really a shortage of radioactivity in a 3 player game, since there is each turn only one restocking of it. In each phase!).

Auctions. Ageeth took the ?? with 7 cities for 3 oil after I auctioned it. This was not going to do it for her, and she still could only power 15 cities. Then it was Doug's turn. The 39 was lying there and looking at me (I thought it screamed 'Ann's gonna take me' all over the place.), but instead, I choose to auction the 49 (or something like that, 7 cities for 3 coal OR oil), Doug bid 50. I went high over it and bid 60. He took the bait and bid 65. I passed. He cashed out, and after I casually bought the 39 for 39 and moved my radioactivity onto it, he knew he shouldn't have bought the plant. Ageeth really tried and wanted to buy the radioactivity, but it was too late, since I already had it.

Doug could buy only one city after he invested big-time in the plant and the resources needed for it, Ageeth built 3 cities (although she could power 15 - she wanted to make it difficult for Doug to buy more cities, and she did succeed). I could easily connect to 17 cities, and thus the game ended.

Doug 14
Ageeth 15
Ann 16

It was a real fast paced game, we finished in a little over an hour, and it was a nice tight game. As I observed earlier, it's not always smart to start in the cheaper area's. If I had not been able to connect a lot of cities in the beginning and get me a buffer, I would never have made it. Later in the game (Stufe 2 and 3), the connection costs get relatively more expensive, compared to your higher income (you get less and less for every additional city).
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