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Subject: First evening of duels rss

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I had picked up a cheap Buy It Now copy of Epic Duels on eBay about a year ago, and finally played it for the first time last night (with my wife).

The rules explanation took about 5 minutes. She chose Luke/Leia, I chose Boba/Greedo, and we played on the Emperor's Throne Room map.

The first game was over quickly, as I targeted Luke with Boba's Deadly Aim and a couple other strong regular attack cards (4/1/, 5/1/ greedo's desperate shot, and a few other cards early, while she had no strong defensive cards for Luke.

She won the next two games. The first one rather easily as she had both of Leia's 7/7 Latent Force Ability cards, which put Boba on the run early with only a couple of health points left. She played Children of the force which let Luke and Leia corner Fett, and that was the game. The third game was a bit closer, but my wife was still firing away with Leia's best cards. I had Greedo's Desperate shot, but didn't play it the first round, and he wasn't around in the second . Boba managed to polish of Leia, and soften up Luke a bit (Rocket Retreat! Rocket Retreat!), but she managed to close the gap and play a Justice (10 damage if Leia is dead) and that was that.

We switched maps to the Carbon Freezing Chamber, but kept the same characters for the next couple of games. I won the fourth game. Greedo Desperate Shot Leia, and then both he and Boba managed to keep far enough away from Luke (Boba fett Rocket Retreating, and then Greedo Sudden Arrival-ing beside him), chipping away at him until Boba could lob a Thermal Detonator for the win. My wife thought that Luke's I will Not Fight You should have forced me to get rid of my Thermal Detonator, but I was pretty sure that IWNFY only applies to cards that have a red attack value over 1, not direct damage special cards. It didn't really matter, as she was out of defensive cards, and the end was near anyways.

She got her revenge in the next match, as she was one step ahead of me the entire game. Greedo went down in a hurry, when I finally drew some decent attack cards for Boba, IWNFY forced me to discard them.

After that match we chose new characters: she chose Anakin/Padme, while I took Darth Maul (I thought Jango would be too similar to Boba, I was worried the Emperor and Count Dooku might not be fun for her to play against, and didn't want vader because of his 20 point auto-death-if-unblocked card). My wife was concerned that I had two battle droids with me (so it was 3 vs. 2) until she saw how weak they were. We still used the Carbon Freezing Chamber.

I explained to her that Maul had a bunch of attacks that didn't count as an action, and in the first game my starting hand had 3 of them (2 Sith Speeds and a Sith Super Speed) plus a strong regular attack. She only had one defense card for Padme and she was dead after the first round. Anakin started in towards Maul while drawing more cards, while I backed Maul up and tried to reload my hand. I played a couple of weak Battle Droid Attacks on Anakin, which weren't very effective. In hindsight, I shouldn't have wasted the actions attacking with the battle Droids and should have concentrated only on trying to get Maul cards in my hand. Anakin ignored the droids and closed with Maul. My wife played a couple of Anger cards on Maul coupled with a couple other strong attacks, and he went down quickly.

The second game Padme softened Maul up with a Precise Shot (9 damage!) as I tried to ignore her and focus on Anakin. Maul closed in with a handful of speed attacks and an Athletic Surge. Unfortunately my wife had two Counter Attack cards for Anakin and another Defense 4 card, which took a lot of the sting out of the Attack. I back Maul off and tried to reload, but Padme shot him up a bit more, and Anakin moved in and finished him off.

In our next game I hung back with Maul and drew cards, while she moved both her figures up. Anakin moved up next to Maul in the corner, and I then thought it would be a good idea to box him in with my Battle Droids so he couldn't run away. Unfortunately, he moved Padme up behind Maul, trapping him as well. Maul was dealing some good damage to Anakin, but Padme hit him with a precise Shot before he could finish the job.

| BD
----| A BD
| M P

Our final game was probably the most interesting. Maul managed to get rid of Padme (but he did take some damage) near the middle of the board, and the Battle Droids took a couple of shots at Anakin for some slight damage. Anakin came charging up swinging at Maul (a strong attack and an Anger - maul had a 4 and a 2 defense card), to bring Maul down to 2 health left. Maul retaliated (I drew a card, then played Sith Speed and Athletic Surge to give myself some breathing room). Anakin closed the gap (we were now in the middle on the left side of the board), but didn't have any offensive cards to play and had to draw cards. On my turn I drew a card (Battle Droid junk) and then had to choose between playing a 3/1 Droid attack, and drawing another (hopefully Maul) card and hope to survive until the next turn. Anakin had 3 health left, so I played the 3/1 droid attack card and prayed she didn't have anything to block it with. She played a 4/1 card, which meant Anakin had one health left and the next attack for either of us would probably win the game. On her turn she didn't bother rolling, and drew her first card. She smiled (she knew I only had battle droid cards in my hand) and attacked for her second action. A 3/2 attack card spelled the end for Maul.

We both enjoyed the game. There was a fair bit of luck involved in what cards were drawn, but the game plays quite quickly (we played 9 or 10 games in 2 hours) and there some tense moments. I could tell my wife was getting into it when I went to change move in one of the middle games and she stopped me with 'you took your fingers off your guy, you can't change your move now' . My wife thought Luke was kind of dead weight when she was playing Luke/Leia, and she enjoyed playing Anakin/Padme more, I'm sure this isn't related to her winning all 4 games with those characters. Most importantly, she is looking forward to playing again!

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Read the rulebook, plan for all contingencies, and…read the rulebook again.
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I'm glad you and your wife gave the game a fairly good workout and enjoyed it. I think you'll both enjoy the game much more if you each play with the advanced rules and run two or three decks simultaneously! That's the style of play that the game was designed for.

If you really enjoy the game, visit the Star Wars Epic Duels Wiki to find links to fan sites and discussion groups which offer house rules and new character decks to try out.
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