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Subject: (DECK) - Tzeentch's Instinct - (Chaos / Dark) - 3xCore rss

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Tzeentch's Instinct
Chaos / Dark

Zarathur, High Sorcerer

Signature (8)
4x Zarathur’s Flamers
1x Shrine of Warpflame
2x Infernal Gateway
1x Mark of Chaos

Army (26)
3x Alpha Legion Infiltrator (1c)
3x Vicious Bloodletter (E. Area)
3x Chaos Fanatics (2c)
3x Umbral Preacher (2c, Oppon No Retreat)
3x Splintered Path Acolyte (1c, -2 Demon Cost)
3x Baleful Mandrake (1c, Range)
3x Vile Raider (2c, Mobile)
2x Sybarite Marksman (Ranged)
3x Kabalite Strike Force (Area)
3x Coliseum Fighters (Event Recursion)

Attachment (2)
2x Rune-Encrusted Armour

Event (11)
3x Warpstorm
3x Tzeentch’s Firestorm
3x Archon’s Terror
2x Fall Back

Support (3)
Deck: 50

​For my 1st attempt at a Chaos / Dark I decided to go for a demon light version build. Instead focusing on Combat Specialities. Almost every thing has some kind of combat keyword. Area, Mobile, Ranged. Supported with Event damage to control the board.

The lack of demons freed up slots from Cultist Spawning as I didn't need the sac effects so much. Though this did lose mana acceleration for those Bloodletters whom are pretty key. So in gose the mine. Now I wasn't 100% happy with the mine. It dose pay off over time, but how long will a game go I still do not know this. It is not unique so you could be looking at +2r at some point in any given game. Sounds great. Though in the end I decided to just go with the Splinted Path Acolyte. -2 makes the Bloodletter a 3 drop, this should be acceptable to drop in any given turn after they come into play. Meanwhile they have a Command Icon so help with resources and card draw as well.

There is a heap of events to damage things and even routing them. These can all be used as shielding as well, and on top of that there is event recursion with the Coliseum Fighters. I'm only running a single Elite so no need for 3xFall Back... though with fall back your basically getting 5 Bloodletters instead of 3

I only put in 2 armour as this makes 3 attachments in total. I often do this in LCGs. 3 is the best way to grantee a draw, yet we are limited to 1 in the signature set. Drawing 1 attachment "chance wise" is negligent , but now I have 3.. so attachment targets seam more of a threat, yet the Armour is not so impressive to me. The Range units would be the targets if the Armour.

Promethium Mine
Fall Back!

When I get around to testing this I'll attempt to swap the Acolyte for the raw acceleration of the mine, yet I think the Acolyte is the right choice.

This deck is kind of relying on Area and the ability to attack first with Range. DD effects form event drops are sorta the edge of this entire thing.. shielding could be a real problem.. but I need to play to see how much
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