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Subject: The winner takes the train rss

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Welcome to the "Tuesday Night Game night Before Bedtime" Championship.
The prize up for tonight's Gulo Gulo championship is a toy steam train. The combatant's: Mum, Dad and the little fella. The official house rules: If you join another player on a tile you must hug them. If a player makes an error the others must shout out "BA-BAYU" as in the sound on Family Feud when someone gets it wrong. John?

"Well I have to say Pat that the little fella has really been the gun in this game. In fact, he is so full of confidance he has been showboating the last few games and still taking the prize. I really can't see him losing to those large fingered players"

Well the game begins with the sounding of the rumbling tummies and the little fella is away. Each player makes a quick succession of moves with Mum getting an assist from the little player with a tough Green play.

"See Pat this is where Dad always cops the rough end of the stick. The blonds always gang up on him and he has to use all his experience to pull back the lead. A tough call and I don't think he can do it tonight"

As we move towards the middle of the game we can see that the little fella, as expected, takes a tremondous lead and John you are right about the showboating

"Just look at these set of plays we have on tape. See he had a blue egg sitting right on top of the pile but decides to dig in for a blue that nearly toppled the alarm. In this replay he picks the yellow egg without looking and the final piece the green is picked up with his left hand, while talking to his mum, like he has been picking apples for 14 years. The kids a freak!!"

So John do you think the fact that no yellow tiles have come up will have an impact to the outcome.

"Quite possibly Pat. The timing of turns will be critical"

So as we enter the end game the first yellow tile comes up. The little fella and Dad move through the first phase easily with another yellow showing up. Then mum reveals a another yellow and being able to get the last one has another go to forge ahead.

"It's amazing what this game produces. In all my year's of playing, coaching and commentating on this game I have never seen 5 yellow tiles in a row"

That's why we love this game John

"That's why we love it Pat"

So the little fella and Dad trade movements while mum forges ahead

"Her timing has been impecable Pat. Peaked perfectly"

And with some simple green's and blue's to collect she faces the purple. Talk us through what she's thinking John

"Well at this point, her heatbeat will be increasing gradually. It's a cool day but you can still see a glow from perspiration on her brow. She needs to put out of her mind that the boys are ready to give her a rousing "BA-BAYU and just concentrate on what she has been doing all night. Picking eggs out of a nest.

Brilliant John. That's why I love working with you.

"Thanks Pat but save it for when I retire"



So as she reaches down she successfully claims the purple and the toy train.

"Its been a long time between drinks for mum but well deserved"

So final stats

4 double hugs
2 three way hugs

Winner Mum

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United States
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Wankel engine

Did Family Feud replace the buzzer with Ricky Ricardo?

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