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Subject: Mercs vs Cygnar, newbie match rss

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Fredrik Claesson
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Played my first game. Mercenaries vs Cygnar. My opponent was my regular Warhammer buddy, Bjorn H.

I had, from what I understand, a pretty typical Rhulic (dwarven) force. Mine was 376 points, a bit above the 350 for the smallest type of fight. Bjorn gave me this as a newbie bonus.

Warcaster: Gorten Grundback
Driller heavy warjack (big fat mecha with retro-style look, armed with an oversized
industrial claw and a drill).
3x Grundback Gunners (little bunnie-robots with big guns)
Reinholdt (goblin spy that gives my warcaster extra die rolls, the ability to shoot twice, and premeasure distances before attacking. Very sneaky and worth his points).
Herne & Jonne (Dwarf aimer and Ogre with big three-barrels gun that shoots three big templates at once. Mainly for big infantry units, but worthwhile on lighter warjacks.

Bjorn had the Cygnar starting box, plus one mercenary. I dont know the points value, but it is above 300 I think.
Warcaster Coleman Stryker (standard guy with sword and good pistol)
Ironclad (heavy warjack with nasty hammer)
Charger (light warjack with gun)
Lancer (light warjack with good reach, spear and nasty shield that does automatic damage)
Rupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (musician that boost troops)

These are the main things that happened, in approximately the right order. I know Bjorn did more (particularly with his Warcaster), but it had little or no effect on the outcome.

1. Jonne shoots the Charger light warjack for light damage. Cygnar warcaster hides in forest.
2. Gunners shoot at Lancer. Miss.
3. Lancer charges one of my Gunners and damages it with his spear.
4. Driller attacks the Lancer and rips of his shield arm, taking one cortex hit in the process.
5. Gorten shoots both barrels at Charger warjack, twice thanks to Reinholdt, incapacitating it. Then my Gunner tries to flee from the Lancer, but is easliy destroyed.
6. Ironclad, the heavy Cygnar warjack, charges Driller, destroying his driller arm with his hammer. He then tries a throw, but Driller wrestles free three consecutive times. Whew!
7. Ironjack gets ARM 26 thanks too help from Organ player booster. So Driller grips it and throws it 8 inches thanks to Fist of Granite spell from Gorten.
8. Next turn, two Gunners shoot the Ironjack, damaging it. Coleman Stryker shoots disruptor on my Driller, disrupting it so I can´t boost it with my warcaster.
9. Coleman advances, uses his feat and causes Earthquake. Four of my models fall to the ground but recover, since Coleman fails to capitalize on this opportunity.
10. Gorten uses his feat, Landslide, to draw Coleman into melee. Gorten lets him have it with his warhammer, but rolls 4 ones! He makes two more attacks, though and damage him severely. Jonne hits the warcaster for 4 points damage, and then the Driller turns around and smashes Colemans head in. I win. Playing time: 1 hour.

Of course Bjorn was extremely helpful in this game and probably gave me the victory, but it was blast nonetheless. Now to buy some more models...
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