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Mark Lockett
United Kingdom
Fishponds, Bristol
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This game has always been in the corner of my eye as a game to try. Both Nick and I didn't get to try this out at the recent local event, The Cast are Dice. There was a tournament on the sunday of the event with Dungeon Twister prizes supplied by Asmodee. Nick and I decided to have a random set of four starting characters each. Nick got Mechanork, Cleric, Thief and Wall Walker whereas I got a Mechanork, Thief, Wizard and Troll.

The face down tiles that are discovered as you go were also placed blindly to give us some surprises.

I got to go first and my wizard found my Warrior in the room right in front of him along with a treasure chest. He yelled to the Warrior to make headway to the treasure which he did by smashing a huge hole in a portcullis through which he could see the treasure. Nick's first turn saw the thief open a few Portcullis doors to give him a path forward.

Nick's Goblin was then spotted by my troll cowering in a dead end. The thief lady surged forward to attack the cowering goblin only to discover he was trained at hand to hand combat better than Bruce Lee.

Nick's guys all proceeded together down the left with Nick's Wizard discovering a fireball spell which he promptly used when he discovered my Cleric dead ahead of him as he explored a new tile. My troll then maddened, lumbered forward jumping pit traps to close in on the goblin that was a long way from home. The goblin was no match for the troll and eventually had himself splattered around the walls of the dead end where he had become trapped.

Nick then used a cunning plan to run his wizard off the board for his second point. He ran that quick that he forgot to take his armour off as he left the dungeon. Nick's warrior had managed to infiltrateinto the dungeon before being spotted and thanks to a cunning dungeon twist made by the thief - the warrior had a clear run out of the dungeon. However, Nick didn't go for this and left him there. I had to use my 5 action card next turn to move my wizard quickly to a fireball spell and then to right in front of the warrior burning him to a crisp for my second victory point.

My next move was to try and move my wall walker quickly up the board through the use of a speed potion and then a second speed potion. Unfortunately there was a few too many walls that I had to go through so I fell short of getting out. The thief had spotted this and promptly decided to move over the pit traps that I thought were protecting me and strike down my wall walker from behind. My only chance of saving my wall walker was to drop the treasure the warrior was carrying and to pick up a sword to make sure that when I hit the thief would hit the floor in a pile. That he did and was duly stomped on by my goblin who had started to follow the warrior and using him as protection. My troll was still back at the beginning protecting the thief that got knocked down earlier. I needed to get the warrior carrying the treasure again or the goblin out to jump up two points for the win. I moved the warrior within running distance of the exit as he seemed the more sturdy of the two with a combat value of three and not many combat cards left on either side. Nick couldn't get any character to my warrior with the action card left and instead blocked the door with a mechanork thinking I would have to knock him out the way first to get buying Nick some time. The warriors brain cell kicked in and seeing the mechanic he remembered he could twist the dugon from the gears on the edge of the room. He dragged the treasure over to the gears and moved the dungeon so he could casually walk away with the treasure giving me the win.
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