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Subject: Hoth succeeds at Stalingrad rss

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Really? REALLY?!
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I picked up the Eastern front expansion (finally) and got together with a good friend of mine for a quick try.

I have a binder full of custom scenarios from the Memoir'44 website at My buddy Erik flips through laughing and commenting on all the worst of the worst historical battles. Finally he lands on the custom scenario Stalingrad: Operation Winter Storm (Hoth's attempted relief of Stalingrad) by:Yangtze (link: ). He insisted on taking the Germans, which was fine with me.

We get through the additional rules and lay out the board. See below:

Special rules (a quick overview):
Russian command in effect.
Rivers frozen.
"Pocket troops" in Stalingrad can only be activated by an adjacent non-pocket axis unit or by playing "their finest hour". Allies can not attack Axis "pocket troop" until they are activated. Each pocket troop that reaches the axis player board edge is worth 1 victory point. Pocket troops are not worth a victory point to the allied player.

7 vp scenario.

The game (an overview):
Erik starts the game off pushing his right flank out to test the waters, this is met by two groups of tanks and my combat engineers causing the loss of one group of his tanks.
Axis 0
Allies 1
Things are looking good.
Next Erik moves both tanks up on the his on his right flank and attacks one of my tanks almost removing it. I retaliate, but to little effect.
Erik shifts focus (or at least ran out of cards on the right) to the center and pushes across the river, luckily with no losses. I pull my right flank in to support the armies in the center. He sends a tank forward and activates his pocket troops. I retaliate by destroying the pocket tank and injuring the infantry. Erik retreats his tank back to the center hills (an area that he will hold to good effect for the whole game) and finishes off my tanks on his right flank.
axis 1
Allies 1
I pull more units into the middle from my right flank, remove a pocket infantry and attack his tanks on my left flank.
Axis 1
Allies 2
Erik pulls several all middle/orders from eth front cards in sequence. After the next three turns my middle and left flank are in ruins. I have lost two groups of tanks and two groups of infantry. During this time I remove the last pocket infantry and injure several of his tanks forcing them back onto the ice where he loses a couple in the ice.
Axis 5
Allies 2
Thing are looking not so good.
In a desperate push I move my combat engineers and my last full group of tanks from my right flank into the middle to combat his tanks. I remove 1 group of tanks.
Axis 5
Allies 3
Erik plays a recon in force and moves one tank on each flank. These quickly rain terror down on my last two tank groups, one at 1 tank and the other full. I lose one of the tank groups and the other is reduced to 1 tank.
I attempt to retreat my units but to no avail. Erik uses Behind enemy lines and removes my last tank.
Axis 7
Allies 3

It was a fun game. The cards were against me and having Russian command in effect caused me much pain. I didn't get allot of recon cards and was forced to move in areas I would have preferred not to have. Not a badly done scenario all the same.
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