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Subject: Zeltweg - Sharp Pencil League '06 rss

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John Carlton
United States
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RACE 12A - Zeltweg (16)
August 17, 2006

The Sharp Pencil League is in its sixth season. We award a Team Championship trophy and a Driver Championship Trophy at the end of the year. We have 10 teams that run two cars each. Therefore, each week, we split into two groups of five (running on tracks A and B). We will run 14 races in 2006. All races are two laps.

We have several house rules. The most notable one is that we do not roll for body in the straightaway. Instead, we score a body hit in the turn if the black die rolled is equal to or less than the number of stops in the turn (ie - 3 stop turn = hit on 1, 2 or 3). Body checks are made for all adjacent cars, including those that pull in front. We also add one to the body check roll in rain and for every space that is overshot.

We allow teams to construct their own cars, using 21 construction points. We do not use suspension rules. Both cars on a team must be constructed identically. Construction may only change after a DNF.

In addition to choice of tires, we allow drivers to choose whether to take downforce at the start of the race. This allows them to back up one space in the corners (if desired) and it shortens die rolls in 4th, 5th and 6th gear. (11 max in 4th, 18 max in 5th, 26 max in 6th.) A car cannot use downforce to back up a spot and stay in the corner when it would have otherwise overshot. A car cannot use downforce if it applies a brake.

Qualifying is by die roll, but each team is guaranteed to have a car in one of the first five spots. Upon pitting, a team may elect to take a long pit rather than try for a short pit. If he does so, he may restore one point of body damage. Pits are chosen by teams in reverse qualifying order.

Points are awarded to the top eight finishers and kept track of for the Team and Driver Championships. Driver Championship points will also determine the qualifying order of the last race of the season, in which the top five teams in the points championship will race on one track and the bottom five on the other.

In addition to championship points, drivers earn "Driver Points (DP)" One driver point allows a car to reroll one die, one time. The top three finishers at each race earn a full Driver Point. Any car that crosses the finish line behind them earns 0.5 DPs. Cars that DNF receive zero. Teams may also build one DP into their car at the cost of two construction points.

Chameleon (125)
Avanti (108)
Brainiacs (89)
Bartoni (87)
Rocket (49)


1. Nick Tesla (Brainiacs)
2. James (Rocket)
3. Dmitri Kravinoff (Chameleon)
4. Mario Romero (Bartoni)
5. Rullo Fortunato (Avanti)
6. Vincitore di Veloce (Avanti)
7. Bobbi Phillips (Chameleon)
8. Jesse (Rocket)
9. Parnelli Stewart (Bartoni)
10. Al Einstein (Brainiacs)

Jesse stalls.

Tesla makes the first turn all alone. But he forgets
what gear he needs to shift into and rolls 5th gear
hot and deep into the 2-stop turn. He pulls up just
one space from the end, forcing him to burn 5 tires
and 3 brakes when he follows it with an 8 in 3rd gear.

Kravinoff nails the 2-stop corner and quickly passes
Tesla. Everyone else comes up short. The corner
quickly bogs down, with a couple of cars shifting into
2nd gear. Team Rocket takes a hit to both cars, as the
turn gets quite congested.

Kravinoff makes it into Turn 3, and Tesla comes up
short. We have a new leader, and it's going to be
difficult to catch him.

Fortunato rolls a 4 in 3rd gear to come up one space
short of Turn 4.

Kravinoff continues to dominate, with Tesla one stop
back, followed by Romero and Einstein. Oops, Tesla is
now two stops back, as he comes up short of Turn 8.

The pack catches a little luck when Kravinoff comes up
just short of his pits - and curses himself for
selecting the blue pits over the red ones. But he
still has enough of a cushion to lead at the halfway

Tesla and Romero both decide to long pit to restore
their badly worn cars.

Fortunato can't find the range on any die and crashes
coming out of Turn 8, after rolling the dreaded 8 on
the 3rd gear. He was pushing it a little harder
tonight, with only three races left in the season.
That all but eliminates Team Avanti from any hope of
contending for the cup this season.

Meanwhile, Jesse continues his own sado-masochistic
approach to the track (and the season). He alternates
between coming up one short of the turn, then rolling
the highest possible to go over. It's really not an
effective strategy.

DiVeloce elects not to pit. Only Kravinoff and
Phillips are able to short pit, as everyone else
either elects to long pit or fails on their die roll.

Einstein is having problems. He must roll a 4 in Turn
2 after getting there in 6th gear. He rolls 3rd gear -
and gets a 4! Bad news, though. He forgot about the
rain slide and spins out anyway. Well, it could have
been worse.

Phillips has some interesting die rolling of her own.
She's come way out of Turn 2 and has to make a body
check. If she rolls a 7 or less, she's eliminated
(although she can use one DP to reroll). She skates by
with a 9 and is still in the hunt for a podium finish.

Meanwhile, her teammate Kravinoff is having no trouble
out in front. It's clearly his race, unless something
amazing happens.

DiVeloce is two stops behind, but only has 1 tire and
2 brakes. A group of cars is 1+ stops behind him,
followed by Stewart and Jesse, who are far, far

Meanwhile, Einstein spins again in Turn 3. Whee!

Kravinoff comes up short of Turn 8, but remains two
stops ahead. DiVeloce burns up all remaining tires and
brakes coming out of Turn 5, but hangs onto a gas.

Phillips falls short of Turn 5, as Romero surges into
3rd place all alone.

James comes up one space short of Turn 5, after
purposely overshooting Turn 4 by two spaces to help
his odds. He had strongly considered going three over.

Stewart crashes out of Turn 4. Jesse crashes out of
Turn 3. Both are unharmed.

Kravinoff cruises to the checkered flag. Di Veloce
pulls in for 2nd place. The race is for 3rd between
Phillips and Romero. Both make Turn 8 together.

Romero rolls big into Turn 9 and goes 5 spaces out -
saving those tires for just the right moment. He
crosses in third, with Phillips right behind him.

Both Brainiacs cars elect to gear down and cruise home
in first gear.

Chameleon, who entered the night just one point behind
Team Goo for the overall lead, has really put the
pressure on, securing a 1st and 4th place finish.
Things are far from finished for Team Goo over on the
Shanghai track. Will it be enough to vault Chameleon
into the lead with just two races to go?


Kravinoff - Chameleon (+1 point)

1. Dmitri Kravinoff (Chameleon) 10+1 pts (76 total) 1.0 DP (2.0 total)
2. Vincitore di Veloce (Avanti) 8 pts (51 total) 1.0 DP (3.0 total)
3. Mario Romero (Bartoni) 6 pts (68 total) 1.0 DP (2.0 total)
4. Bobbi Phillips (Chameleon) 5 pts (53 total) 0.5 DP (1.5 total)
5. James (Rocket) 4 pts (34 total) 0.5 DP (2.5 total)
6. Nick Tesla (Brainiacs) 3 pts (58 total) 0.5 DP (0.5 total)
7. Al Einstein (Brainiacs) 2 pts (36 total) 0.5 DP (1.0 total)
DNF - Jesse (Rocket) 0 pts (19 total) 0.0 DP (0.5 total)
DNF - Parnelli Stewart (Bartoni) 0 pts (25 total) 0.0 DP (0.5 total)
DNF - Rullo Fortunato (Avanti) 0 pts (65 total) 0.0 DP (0.5 total)

Jesse, Stewart and Fortunato were all unhurt.

Lexington & Interlagos (2 races remaining)
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