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Subject: Fun Files - K.N.Y.F.E. rss

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I went to BGG and I all got was this Overtext
Fun Files:
The fun files are a brief strategy/summary of every character in the game. The focus is on finding what is fun about the character, along with a brief overview of their roles, some key cards and unique features. Along with this there will be a brief review of why I like the character and any thoughts on them. Hopefully it won't be too similar to other posts and will find value with new players looking to discover if they would enjoy a specific character.

HP: 30
Power: Knyfe deals 1 Target 2 energy damage.
Role: Damage (DPS)
Complexity (From 1 to 3):
Unique Mechanic: Play equipment, then blow them up for additional effects.
For those who like: Psylocke, Strong women, Knives

Key Cards:
For the Greater Good:Knyfe may deal herself 3 psychic damage. If she takes damage this way, you may draw 1 cards, play 1 card and use 1 power now.

Flawless Execution: Whenever damage dealt by Knyfe reduces a target to 1 hp, destroy that target.

Battlefield Experience:Power: Knyfe deals 1 target 2 melee damage and 2 energy damage. Then destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, you may draw 1 card and play 1 card.

Fun Factor:
Knyfe is for the player who wants to have lots of power options, but with some of the inherent weaknesses removed. She hits hard and is capable of doing significant damage in many situations. She has a feel of bouncing around the battlefield, attacking everyone in a flurry

DPS: Knyfe is a very consistent, very solid damage-dealer. She has equipment that buffs both of her main damage types (energy and melee), along with various way of activating multiple powers, triggering extra attacks or gaining additional bonuses.

Attack Variety: Knyfe is capable of dealing damage for almost any situation. She has a card for dealing big stacks of damage to the main villain, 2 different cards for wiping out minions, and multiple cards that deal single, large chunks of damage. This variety means she's rarely doesn't have a card for the situation. She even has room to fit in a small amount of enemy discard and ongoing destruction.

Card Draw: Knyfe is a card-hungry beast. She has multiple cards that allow her to play additional cards, even equipment that lets her play more cards upon being restored. The problem is that she has little card draw, and what she does have is usually attached to the words "play a card". This means that it doesn't always take that long before you are holding 2 cards in your hand, hoping for some way to get more options.

Damage Reduction: Most of Knyfe's cards deal damage in 1-point increments. This is not a huge problem, usually, as she has ways to boost her damage types. But if she doesn't get proper boosts, then enemies with good reduction will effectively nullify her.

Why I like her:
Knyfe likes to hit things, which is why I like Knyfe. Her built in resiliency in some of her cards means that even when some of her equipment is destroyed, you don't feel like a heel. Her attack cards have a lot of variety, allowing her to typically be useful in any situation.

Final Thoughts:
Knyfe is a fantastic beginner DPS. The resiliency that comes with her equipment means that she rarely loses that much momentum if they are destroyed from under her. Yes, she is prone to playing more cards than she draws, leading to hands with only 1 or 2 cards in them. However, very few of her cards are situational cards, meaning even if you don't have many options, what you do have will usually be playable.
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