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Subject: 3- Way Cut-Throat Version, Terrain etc. rss

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John Griffey
United States
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The Three Alliances
Alliance 1: USA - British Empire
Alliance 2: Germany - Italy
Alliance 3: USSR - Japan.

--Each Alliance is hostile to the others.
-- Add a new marker to track USSR - Japan VPs.
-- An Alliance's Armies and Navies may not occupy a territory or sea zone occupied by an Army or Navy of another Alliance.
--Unlike other allies, USSR and Japan may not commingle their pieces in the same spaces. USSR and Japan may even fight each other.
--USSR's cards, Mao-Tse Tung and Vasilevsky Takes Command, allows USSR to eliminate (not Battle)any non-USSR Army in China/Szechuan, or in China, respectively.

USSR suspected the capitalist west of plotting a rerun of WWI, with Russia collapsing first, followed by Germany. They believed that even friendly Anglo-Am personnel in USSR would subvert the Soviet state by showing-off wristwatches and other luxuries. Although they fought a battle on the Mongolian/Manchurian border in 1938, USSR and Japan signed a non-aggression pact in April 1941. The pact was good for five years. The USSR broke the pact by invading Manchuria on 8 August 1945, by which time Japan was doomed anyway. Both sides honored the pact for the duration of the war in Europe. So, USSR & Japan is a perfectly historical combo. The Japanese even allowed USA Lend Lease to pass through Japanese controlled water on its way to Vladivostok. About one-half of USA supply to USSR ultimately took the Pacific - Siberia route.

Prepare for Play
--Deal Germany 11 cards, and the other Powers 10 cards each. Each Power discards 3 cards. Germany plays an 8 card hands throughout the game.
--Each Power except British Empire places an Army in its Home Space.
--Place a British Fleet in North Sea and a British Army in Western Europe.
--Place an USSR Army in Ukraine.
--Appeasement Period. If, on either Turn 1 or 2, a Power Builds an Army outside its Home Space, or Battles an enemy piece, or plays an Economic Warfare card against an enemy, the Power's Alliance is assessed a -2VP penalty. Each Alliance can be assessed a 2 VP penalty only once per Power, for a maximum of -4 VP. VP scores can be negative on turns 1 and 2.

Note: In 1937, the USSR had the world's largest Army, and the British Empire had the world's largest Fleet. France's Army was large, and even Belgium had more divisions than it had when it was invaded in WWI.

Game Calendar
Turn 1. 1937. Appeasement Period.
Turn 2. 1938. Appeasement Period.
Turn 3. 1939.
Turn 4: 1940.
Turn 5: 1941
Turn 6: Spring 1942.
Turn 7: Fall 1942.
Turn 8: Spring 1943.
Turn 9: Fall 1943.
Turn 10: Spring 1944.
Turn 11: Fall 1944.
Turn 12: Spring 1945.
Turn 13: Fall 1945.
Turn 14: Spring 1946.
Turn 15: Fall 1946.
Turn 16: Spring 1946.
Turn 17: Fall 1946.
Turn 18: Spring 1948
Turn 19: Summer 1948.
Turn 20: Fall 1948.

Turn Order
1. Germany
3. British Empire
4. Italy
5. Japan
6. USA

--An Alliance wins at the end of any calendar turn it leads the nearest enemy Alliance by 27 VP or more.
--USSR - Japan wins at end of any calendar turn Japan controls Western USA, or both Australia and India. USSR - Japan wins at end of any turn USSR controls both Moscow and Germany.

Japanese control of Western USA or India + Australia, while difficult for Japan to attain, would have been extremely traumatic for USA and the British Empire, and so would have been potentially war ending events.

Mountains prohibit Supply and Battle between 1) Szechuan and India, 2) Szechuan and Middle East, and 3) Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Two is the maximum number of units which may be in a space. The two may be of the same Power or of two different allied Powers.

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Read the rulebook, plan for all contingencies, and…read the rulebook again.
United States
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This is an interesting variant! I'd like to try it out one day. I like the idea of the stronger partner in the weaker alliance playing with 8 cards in their hand. The idea for mountainous terrain is also interesting.
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Björn Engqvist
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At first glance this looks like an interesting variant.
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