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Subject: Combined Dominion War OP 3+4 Event. rss

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Danny Hewson
United Kingdom
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In a few days I'm playing in a combined Dominion War 3 and 4 day.

I missed these the first time around so im looking for a little advice.

Its 100PT, Faction Pure (indy flagships let you take indy upgrades), no borg, and you have to use the same fleet for both events.

I've looked at the rules and they dont seem to require any really bizzare builds like some of the others (arena springs to mind...).

I have the following two lists ready:

List 1

USS Voyager
Resource - Flagship (Independant klingon)
Captain - Khan Singh (normal one)
Dmitri Valtane
Pavel Chekov (reroll blanks)
Tom Paris

USS Excelsior
Captain - Picard
Mr Spock (upgrade battlestations with a scan token)
Quantum Torpedoes

List 2
Resource - Flagship (Independant klingon)
Captain - Gul Dukat (NOT the admiral one)
Antiproton Scan

Generic Galor
Captain - Gul Danar

Generic Galor
Captain - Gelnon

You can probably tell which is my favourite flagship card.

Are these likely to be competetive (assuming I dont do something incredibly stupid).
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Justin Hare
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Both month's can be played by ignoring the scenario and treating it as a deathmatch with a planet in the middle. My response will assume that you want to actually play the scenarios.

Month 3 strongly encourages three or more ship builds. You will most likely lose the planet fight if you only get to attack on the planet twice a round to an opponents three or four.

Month 4 encourages that you either bring a durable ship to shoot at starfleet HQ or on with decent defense.

One idea that occurs to me would be a Praetus with Advanced cloak and Cloaked mines (23SP). It's a reasonably cheap third ship to add to help with the planet fight. For month 4 it would just run into the planet and attack HQ until HQ is destroyed or you cloak roll fails and you go poof. It would get no actions, but would stay in permacloak for month 4.

The mines could be rough for month 3 as ships drop their shields to beam troops or supplies down. They have to risk hull damage, not beam stuff down,or maneuver away from the mines
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