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Subject: Just a short scenario rss

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Uwe Heilmann
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Hi from Germany,

here is a session report of Scenario 17.

I used the current scenario parameter settings.
Nothing was modified for this report.


For this game, only one half of an original game board was used. The amount and layout of the game board is one of the flexible scenario parameters (26 different options currently exist).

I use the discs from the WHEN DARKNESS COMES game series to mark this area. Encountering those discs provides a lot of action and surprises (good and bad) for the survivors.

Hexes marked with question marks are marked with Surprise tokens in the actual game. Those tokens are flipped and their effects revealed the moment the survivors get close to them.

To encounter more team survivors is part of the fun. But those reinforcements are not at full strength in most cases and just carry a random weapon.

So far the teams have been very lucky. The Initiative rolls for the zombies were only "5"s and "6"s.

Note the additional possible fire combat result of stunning the undead. A stunned zombie cannot do anything and would be easy to kill in melee. The stunning effect ends the moment a zombie is activated.

The teams have fulfilled (in a kind of passive way) the task to check the Safe House. As it was destroyed, they no longer can check it. But the other task is to sweep the sector 51 free of zombies. The classic ATZ dilemma: if you shoot to kill, there is always a chance that new creatures appear.

So far, the zombies have not been activated at all!

This changed. The Initiative roll for the survivor team allowed only 2 survivors to be activated. And one of the "friendly" survivors.

The situation for the survivors is quite dangerous now. Imagine the zombies would be solely active during the upcoming game turn.

God loves the infantry! Another "6" was rolled for the zombie initiative. Good chance to further deplete the ranks and files of the enemy.

A rare event (not further explained) - not under control of the survivor team - forced nearly all undead to withdraw (some of the rotten corpses might also just have fallen apart).

Survivors may not fire into hexes where there are other survivors (unless hostile).

The final act had begun.

Aquila fired, moved, and charged all in one impulse. No! That's not allowed. But she received a special prep option during one of the previous turns to execute a bonus impulse.

A third reinforcement. But also one new zombie due to the SMG bursts as Aquila stormed the house.

A few Shot counters were placed, but all failed to trigger new zombies.

The bottom text should read: "... TU 8 ...". Mission completed.

I hope all this provided some impressions about the power of the AtZ game system (slightly enhanced with some extras).


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Wade Ashton
United States
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I'm not really into session reports but I like this game and have to give kudos for all the work you put into this. Nice job.
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