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Subject: 3 Player Variant - What have I done?? rss

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John Mauney
United States
North Carolina
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Three players isn't much of a fun game for me, so I'd like to try a hammy way to make things more interesting. Introducing this new variant and special "AI" alien race: Rando Cardrissian.

Rando has the power to "Participate from the Sidelines"

Setup Place 5 planets for Rando, but place no ships on them. Rando gets one secret fleet token.

He will use his power every time someone draws his color (or the equivalent) from the destiny deck to force that player to draw again.

He will also use his power when allying with a main player to bring his secret fleet instead of the usual ships an ally would bring. It simply adds +5 to the side Rando is allying with in the battle. The secret fleet is not a ship, and is not affected by most rules that affect ships. However, any rule that would return allies' ships home, send them to the warp, remove them from the game, or otherwise remove them from the battle removes the secret fleet token from the battle and the +5 will not be added.

He will finally use his power after encounter cards are revealed to draw and immediately play one card from the Cosmic Deck in every encounter he is involved in as a main player or ally. If the card cannot be played, it is discarded. See below for how to inerpret Rando's wishes on card plays.

More Rules with Rando:

Players may invite Rando as if he were a real player. Flip a coin to see if he accepts. He accepts on a result of heads. Clearly, Rando favors the attacker.

When Rando draws a card to play it, he must if possible. If he can't normally play it himself, but his ally has a power that would allow him to play it, or would allow the ally to immediately make use of the card, as if it were in Rando's "hand", that occurs.

When Rando plays a card, he does so in a way that befits his own best interest first, then according to the interest of his ally, and finally according to any interest that would most harm his or his ally's opponent. Remember however, if Rando can play a drawn card, he must. Even if the only result goes against these stated interests.

If Rando is ever backstabbed, he will never ally with the player who backstabbed him for the rest of the game, unless forced to by some rule. He will always ally against this player when given the opportunity, unless forced not to by some rule. If two hated backstabbers encounter each other, however, Rando will not ally with either.

Rando remembers backstabs for one calendar week (168 hours, precisely).

These actions count as being backstabbed:
- A Defender inviting Rando to ally, then intentionally Negotiating such that Rando would lose ships (were he to possess any!)
- An attacker inviting Rando to a shared victory, then manipulating it so that Rando can't win. This assumes the attacker is foiled from winning after the betrayal, of course.

If anyone has any obvious backstab actions that I'm forgetting, feel free to suggest
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