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Subject: Solo session report rss

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Mike van Schijndel
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I tried out WDC today and I had a blast! What a fun game! I cant wait to play again. Meanwhile, Ill be writing this session report!

Because I wanted to try out the rules I played a solo game. First off, the official rules are HORRIBLE!!! Instead of using them I recommend you use the revised ruleset written by Staffan Bengtsonn. I did, and it made a big difference! Staffan wrote a revised set of rules that clarifies the game greatly!

I selected 4 standard chars for my first game, Brian, Robert, Sharon and Kirk. I didnt want to go about creating my own chars just yet. Ill do that next game. I picked the very first scenario (convicts hunting down the undead in exchange for their freedom, nice!). Scenario objectives were very simple : Hunt down and kill 5 undead OR gain 30 VPs.

The gang started off at the town hall and I began the game by splitting up the group in 2 pairs. In an earlier game I'd sent 3 characters on their own adventures, but all of them quickly met their demise in various grissly ways!

Sharon and Kirk decided to investigate the town hall. Kirk proved an amazing lockpick (dex4+lockpick3) for the entire game, and he quickly gained access to the deserted town hall. Sharon and Kirk were in luck, as the mayor was awaiting them inside, unfortunatly, his flesh was rotting and he was hungry for man flesh (guess the town hall was not really deserted after all!). Sharon made a judo jab (martial arts 5) managed to kill the zombie. Relieved, Kirk sat down on one of the chairs. Of course it was rigged with an alarm, forcing the brave heroes to flee the scene of the crime!

Meanwhile Robert and Brian had headed north and were investigating a few small buildings. Somehow Robert (a rather small, frail and bookish fellow) managed to kill 3 monsters in a row. Must have been his martial arts skill. Brian almost stopped helping him, almost dying of jealousy! Still, both Brian and Robert found quite a few cool items (minor weapons, a medikit and some cash) before deciding they wanted to check out the towns high school.

Sharon and Kirk were exploring the gameshop! Usually cool and calculating, Kirk began shouting histerically when he discovered the shop was selling DreamBlade, Wizard of the Coast's new collectible miniature game! Sharon tried to knock him out, but it was already too late, and various undead gamers crawled out from under the tables and began assaulting our fair heroes with dice, pencils and books. Kirk barely managed to survive the attack and was forced to flee in shame. Sharon got lucky and scored a WOOHOO on her movement, giving her divine insight (allowing her to check the chits on another building). Spying a useful NPC they headed back to the town hall and picked him up (healer).

Meanwhile, Robert and Brian had arrived at the school but this is where things took a bad turn indeed. School was out, but the biggest bully was still hanging around, creating havoc! They ran right into the giant mega adversary which managed to trample brave Robert in one fell blow. Brian fled, but the unlucky hero ran into another zombie, killing him! Both had amassed 20-ish victory points, while Sharon and Kirk were still at around 10-15 vps. I decided to quit the game because it would take a lot more time to finish this.

I think I now understand most of the rules, and Steffans ruleset wrinkled out any grey areas quite nicely. I had a lot of fun, and although I admit the game is very fiddley (reshuffling the counters is a big drag!) the theme is dead good! Its also very nice to have a somewhat cooperative game, I always love those!
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