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Jason C
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For some unknown reason an old professor, a French chick and a pair of siblings found themselves trapped inside an abandoned mansion. Not wasting anytime the little girl quickly ran upstairs and proceeded to fall through to the basement when an ‘underground lake’ mysteriously appeared as she opened the door. Hearing her fall the crazy old professor tried the closest door and promptly fell through the floor into the basement as the room collapsed underneath him. Beginning to get scared from all the people falling through the floors the fat kid went wandering down a dusty hall in search of food, only to be attacked by something unknown and began to lose his grip on reality. The sexy French chick found comfort in the chapel and felt at ease despite the trouble befalling her housemates.

- This session was to introduce a mate to the game, so it was pretty laid back. We picked two characters each with the intention of giving up one character to the other player when one character became the traitor. I briefly explained the rules and began the game, not wanting to overload him with the numerous errata in this game. Of course the first room I turned over was the underground lake on the top floor, which prompted a less than favourable comment about the game from my friend. It was easily rectified by the FAQ and away we went.

The little girl was not too flustered about falling to the basement and began searching for the stairs leading up to the ground floor. During her search she found numerous items like a spear, an Ouija board and another little girl who seemed anxious to follower her. Unfortunately, the crazy old professor lived up to the crazy bit of his name and suffered an onslaught of both physical and mental attacks from the unknown horrors of the house. He was teetering on the brink of death and insanity. The fat kid finally found the kitchen and after finding nothing special he wandered off into the next room where he found a mangy mutt. Trying to befriend the dog the kid reached down to pat him, but was met with a chomp. Recalling in horror at the attack the fat kid went to boot the stupid dog, but he suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness. Suddenly he started to hurt all over as hair sprouted from his skin. His hunger now consumed him and the only thing he could think of eating were the others in the house.

- My friend was having a great time laughing at his professor getting hammered by all sorts of things in the game. He kept calling the kid ‘Fatty’, because he went from the kitchen to the dining room, before getting the dog omen.

Hearing the awful howl from within the mansion the French Chick ran upstairs to look for something to defend herself, only to find nothing in the master bedroom. Luckily the little girl was already in the junkroom and found an old rusted gun amongst the rubbish. Furious at the little girl for not giving him the gun the Professor ran off into the darkness only to be killed by some dusty footprints, due to his weakened state and fragile mind.

- The professor was pretty useless and it wasn’t a great loss when he died, it was even funny that the werewolf never had a chance to attack him. I was lucky that the girl was already in the junkroom when the haunt was revealed.

The fat kid werewolf knew that the little girl was trapped in the basement and turned his attention to the French girl upstairs. His abilities became superhuman in his transformation and he ran quickly upstairs and attacked her. His blows were that viscous that she didn’t stand a chance and he killed her out right.

The little girl became frantic searching for a way to produce the silver bullets needed to kill her brother, but soon realised that she could call on the spirits in the house through the use of the Ouija board. The spirits showed her where the furnace was in the basement and she hastily made some bullets and loaded the gun.

- Losing the French Chick was a blow as she had the higher speed needed to shoot the werewolf, but the speed at which the werewolf could move was astounding. Also, my friend played pretty well knowing the girl was stuck in the basement as the stairs out hadn’t been found yet.

Growling in frustration that his hunger hadn’t been satisfied the werewolf ran downstairs following the familiar scent of his sister. He knew she was in the basement, but how could he get to her? Suddenly he remembered the collapsed room and dropped through the floor into the basement with his faithful dog following. Quickly the girl let off a shot at her monstrous brother only to miss. The rapid approach of the werewolf weakened the blows against the girl and she was able to run away and fire the pistol again at her assailant, but again the speed of the werewolf allowed him to dodge the bullet. Another attack and the girl realised that she would be dead soon if she didn’t find a way to kill her brother. Once again she risked asking the spirits for help and again they replied, showing her the location of the mystic elevator in the basement. She entered the elevator before the werewolf could attack again and it transported her to the ground floor next to the room where her brother first succumbed to the lycanthropy affliction.

- It was funny to imagine the werewolf jumping down a hole to get the girl. I thought it would be easy to shoot the werewolf, but it proved to be difficult and finally realised I could use the Ouija board to find the Mystic Elevator to get her out of there and trap the werewolf in the basement.

Furious at the escape of his sister the werewolf began to search the basement for a way up to the lobby to continue his pursuit of the girl. Hearing the growls from below the girl desperately looked for something to improve her aim. It would only take one shot to fell the beast, but he was far too quick for her.

- Unfortunately it wasn’t that long before the stairs were found and the werewolf run up stairs to the girl. I tried to use the Ouija board again to find an item to increase the girl’s speed, but my friend knew what I was trying to do and would explore an unknown room allowing him to get the item I needed.

Not wasting any time to growl in excitement the werewolf ran up the basement stairs once he found them and his lightning fast reflexes allowed him to reach his prey up on the top floor of the mansion. Luckily the girl was able to stab the monster in the chest with the spear and make her escape. The wound would have killed most mortal men, but this monster was far from stopping his chase. Crashing through another door the girl fell to the ground. There was nothing there that could help her and she turned the gun on her brother once more and let off a shot. Unperturbed by the narrow miss, the werewolf pounced and devoured the poor girl in a bloodlust induced rage. Growling in triumph the werewolf slowly walked to the front door, satisfied that his hungry had finally been quenched. For tonight…

- At the end, my friend was laughing his arse off and even though I lost I had fun in this close game. My friend asked if we would have time to play again after we played Darkworld*, because he liked it so much. This is a truly atmospheric game if you are willing to ignore the problems and take it lightly.

* Just to explain the situation, we decided to each pick a game to play on Sunday and I chose BatHotH and my friend chose his old copy of Darkworld to show me where his miniature wargaming roots came from.

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