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Subject: Pillar vs. Flit matchup rss

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Joe Stude
United States
Farmington Hills
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I've had the opportunity to play this matchup a handful of times lately and it's been so tension-filled and fun that I thought it deserved its own thread to talk about it a bit. Played a full 5-crystal match tonight which went 3 games and it was some of the most tense, agonizing Blue Moon play I've had. This is intended to be more of a strategy-type post, but I'll briefly summarize what happened in the games.

Game 1: After a first-turn disclose, trying to be extra clever, I retreated in the first fight very early to force the loss of a character and keep the fight out of fire (which I just didn't have any punch in at the time). After I started the second fight in earth and she immediately played her mutant to switch back to fire, I decided to take a big risk and retreat again immediately, giving her a second dragon. This was too much of a gift though, it turned out, as I went on to lose the next fight for two dragons, along with the game. This was over embarrassingly quickly and I was down 4-0 just like that.

Game 2: The first game had me a bit steamed (at myself, really) and vengeance-hungry, and I ended up playing as strong of a game as I ever have with Pillar, even dancing around Tittertweet and Trililling for most of the game without losing dragons to them or having to retreat to move them off the table. With Tittertweet on the table, I threw down Pen-dor-Nith which, in combination with Giant Butterfly Morningwind, hit for 8 fire and forced her to retreat, giving me two dragons and an instant win, 4-0. To my recollection this is the first time I've ever won a fight with the Pillar mutant, and what a great time to do it.

Game 3: The rubber match. I forced her to punch herself out by spending a lot of her strong boosters early, and the game was supremely close the entire way, with no more than a single dragon on either side for the majority of the game. Again Tittertweet showed up mid-game and like game 2, I decided to be clever and try to dance around him. In hindsight this was probably a mistake, as only a late-game blunder by my opponent gave me this game, and I should have retreated earlier to get Titter off the table. With 6 cards in-hand, two dragons on my side, and Tittertweet alone on the table, I threw down my last character (Bottelus Emptius), the Potion of Trembling Earth, and two caterpillars. I didn't plan on ending it like that, but hadn't realized the last two cards in my draw deck were both boosters (potions). My opponent's decision was to retrieve Tittertweet, play Beguile Holy Dragon while discarding 3 characters, then retreat. This gave me the game as I retreated from her next fight start, ending the game a single dragon in the red. Had she retrieved Tittertweet, played Beguile, then replayed Tittertweet, all my text would have been ignored again and I would have had to retreat, giving my last dragon back and sealing my fate. As it is, I snuck out of this with a 2-0 victory, winning the series 6-4. A little more careful mental inventory of what I'd played and what I had remaining would have done me a lot of good here.

Some stuff about the Pillar/Flit matchup:

1. Playing Pen-Dor-Nith is a fantastic response to Tittertweet, especially since Pen is so hard to play normally. I won two fights with Pen in our games tonight - how often does THAT happen?

2. Even though the name of Tittertweet strikes terror into the hearts of everyone, especially Pillar, it's very possible to play around him, but you must have high-value characters and/or remaining support cards. However, despite being able to play around him and win dragons, you are going to have to deal with him eventually as there's no way to force the Flit player to get rid of him (Bottelus Emptius is retrievable Flitbane, but doesn't work against Tittertweet). However, if the Flit player decides to expend him for Beguile Holy Dragon, to pay for a caterpillar discard, etc you should thank that player kindly for doing your work for you.

3. Don't overlook playing cards with power text that you know will be ignored by Tittertweet. Once Titter is retrieved your text is active again, and this ends up forcing the repeat play of Tittertweet to nix your power text, draining the Flit booster stash if Pillar's managing higher power each play. I did this a couple times tonight but the timing was tricky.

4. If you can play in such a way to get the Flit player to expend more boosters than characters, you can end up in the very unusual position as Pillar of having your higher power characters capable of winning fights on their own, repeatedly. That's pretty damn refreshing, since Pillar's characters sans boosters usually get sand kicked in their faces.

5. The two butterfly supports are EXTREMELY important for Pillar in this matchup. As long as you still have them, the Flit player will be unable to completely shut you down with his strongest text characters. Using Tittertweet, Trililling, Cheepchirrup, and Flitterflutter, Flit can ignore all power text, ignore boosters, only allow one card into the combat area per turn, and ignore supports. If all your text is ignored, you can still fight with higher-value characters with supports or even sometimes solo. If your boosters are ignored (this freaks most Pillar players out), a butterfly support can still save you. Butterflies can also save you if you can only play one card into your combat area a turn. However, if Flit plays to ignore your supports, the butterflies are nixed but everything else works as a result. If you're out of supports, Tittertweet, Trililling, and Cheepchirrup can each potentially shut you down. In other words, make your supports count, and retrieve Eveningbreeze as often as possible.

6. Heat Haze will save your ass in a pinch. Write it down.
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