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Subject: The basics of Wave 1 rss

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Shawn Baldwin
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Wave 1: Mallidon’s Prophecy

This is the first expansion set for Heroscape. This wave consists of 4 boosters which are purchased individually. Depending on your particular interests and tastes you can choose to buy only the expansions you want as they are not a blind purchase. You can also buy multiples of the same expansion if you really like a particular booster. The four boosters that come in this wave are: Grut Orcs, Heroes of Bleakwood, Snipers and Vipers and IX Roman Legion. This review assumes you already have a master set and understand the rules of Heroscape.

Heroes of Bleakwood
This is an all hero booster that comes with 5 heroes, 1 glyph and 2 single hex terrain pieces and 1 double hex terrain piece.The glyph that comes in the booster is the Glyph of Lodin. This glyph allows you to add 1 to any d20 roll as long as you have a figure standing on this glyph.

On to the Heroes:
Marcus Decimus Gallus
This is one of my favorites in all of Heroscape. He is a Roman General that enhances your legions. Marcus has 6 life, 5 move, 1 range, 3 attack, 3 defense and costs 100 pts. His special abilities allow him to move all soldiers you control 1 extra space and he also gives all adjacent soldiers 1 extra attack die. Marcus will work well with the following units:
Airborne elite- Master set
4th Massachusetts Line-Wave 2
Roman Legionnaires- Wave 1
Sacred Band-Wave 4
Sgt Drake Alexander-Master Set

Venoc Warlord
The Venoc Warlord is the leader of the vipers (snakes). He has 6 life, 7 move, 1 range, 4 attack, 3 defense and is 120 pts. He allows all scouts to move 2 extra spaces, adds 1 to all frenzy rolls and does not have to stop when entering water. The Venoc Warlord works well with:
Elite Onyx Vipers-Wal-Mart exclusive master set
Venoc Vipers- Wave 1
Aubrien Archers-Wave 4

Kelda the Kyrie Warrior
Kelda is a good defensive figure that can heal your wounded heroes. She has 5 life, 6 move, 1 range, 2 attack, 3 defense and is 80 pts. She can heal depending on how well you roll the d20. The higher the more wound markers removed. Kelda can also fly. Because of Kelda’s Healing ability she will work well with any army that has heroes in it.

Tornak is an Orc champion that rides on the back of a velociraptor. He has 3 life, 7 move, 1 range, 4 attack, 5 defense and is 100 pts. Tornak has disengage and gives all friendly, adjacent orc warriors 1 additional attack and defense die. Tornak works well with:
Blade Gruts-Wave 1

Taelord the Kyrie Warrior
Taelord is a big red brute that boosts your attack. He has 5 life, 5 move, 1 range, 3 attack, 3 defense and is 180 pts. He gives all friendly figures within 4 clear line of sight spaces 1 additional attack dice. He also flies and has disengage. He works well with just about any army because of his attack bonus.

Grut Orcs
This booster comes with 2 common squads: Blade Gruts and Arrow Gruts. You can have multiple common squads in your army, which only increase your armies flexibility. A common ability of all orcs is disengage which allows you to leave an engagement with any enemy figure and not have to roll any disengagement attacks.

Blade Gruts
These guys are your melee units. There are four figures in this squad and each figure has 1 life, 6 move, 1 range, 2 attack, 2 defense. All four figures cost 40 pts. The gruts bond with any orc champion which allows you a free move and attack with that champion. They work well with:
Grimnak-Master set
Nerak-Gencon exclusive
Tornak-Wave 1
These guys are cheap so you can field lots of them. If you keep them close to their champions you can really put a hurting on your opponent. Disengage gives the orcs the ability to run circles around your foes!

Arrow Gruts
Arrow gruts are the ranged fighters of the orc world. You get three figures in a squad and each figure has 1 life, 6 move, 6 range, 1 attack and 1 defense. All three figures cost 40 pts. They have beast bonding which allows you to moave and attack with any beast you control first.They work well with:
Krug-Wave 2
Mimring-Master set
Swog Rider- Wave 2
Again these guy are cheap so field multiples and get the Swog to enhance them.

Snipers and Vipers
This is another booster that has two common squads, a couple of terrain tiles and another glyph.

Venoc Vipers
Venoc Vipers come in a squad of three figures. They have 1life, 7 move, 1 range, 3 attack, 0 defense and cost 40 pts. They have slither which allows them to move freely in water. They also have frenzy, an ability which enables them to take another turn if you roll higher than 15 on the d20. Venoc vipers work well with:
Venoc Warlord-Wave 1
With their move of 7 these guys can really cover some ground. Comine them with the Venoc Warlord and they can move 9 in a single turn. But be careful with a zero defense you need to keep them on high ground. A good tactic with these guys is to use them to hold glyphs or finish off a weak squad or hero.

Omnicron Snipers
Snipers are a common squad that has three figures. They have 1 life, 5 move, 7 range, 1 attack, 3 defense and cost 100 pts. The snipers have deadly shot, every skull rolled actually counts as 2 skulls. The snipers work well with:
Taelord-Wave 1
This is an all around work horse. To take full advantage of the deadly shot by getting on high ground and staying there. That extra attack die will come in handy. Also try and grab a +1 attack glyph or get close to Taelord. With their range of 7 these guys can bring the pain!

IX Roman Legion
This booster has an Ancient Rome theme to it and come with 2 squads, three terrain tiles and a glyph.

Roman Legionnaires
Roman Legionnaires are a common squad with 4 figures. The Legionnaires have 1 life, 4 move, 1 range, 3 attack, 2 defense and cost 50 pts. They bond with any warlord you control. They also have the shield wall which allows you to gain 1 extra defense die for each adjacent Legionnaire for a max of +2 defense. The Legionnaires work well with:
Marcus Decimus Gallus-Wave 1
Me-Burq-Sa – Wave 2
Ne-Gok-Sa – Master Set
Parmenio- Wave 4
Valguard- Wave 4
Venoc Warlord- Wave 1
The Legionnaires work well as a close group to take advantage of the shield wall. They also have a decent attack value for a squad that only costs 50 pts. If only they could move a little faster, it must be those heavy shields!

Roman Archers
Roman Archers are a common squad that has three figures. Each figure has 1 life, 4 move, 6 range, 2 attack, 1 defense and cost 55 pts. The archers have a arrow volley special ability. As long as you have 3 adjacent, unengaged archers on the same elevation you can combine their attack dice for a single 6 dice attack. They work well with:
For 55 pts you get a nice little ranged squad with a good special attack. With only 1 defense die keep them out of harms way though, they will drop like flies. As soon as you have less than three archers you can no longer use the arrow volley, so be careful.

Sorry but I can’t remember which glyphs come with which booster, so here are the other three glyphs:

Rannveig- all figures with flying lose this special power as long as there is a figure standing on this glyph.

Jalgard- Each of your figures rolls 2 extra defense dice when rolling for defense.

Sturla- one time roll the d20 for each figure destroyed in battle (enemy and friendly), on a 19 or 20 you may place this figure in your starting zone.
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