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This proved to be quite an interesting game. The real fun began when the Amazon got saddled with the lethal Deathstalker at the Oasis. Using her movement power she made it to the Chasm, but in spite of trying to push him off (use of a Light Fate), the Undead monstrosity would not fall! Next she hit the Temple, where with the use of another Light Fate her prayers were answered when the Deathstalker was struck by lightning.

The Wizard, meanwhile, was demonstrating the kind of cold-blooded genius which made him such a great villain. The Outer Region turned out to be rich with gold and once the Wizard had gathered enough for himself he cast Obliterate, annihilating the Heavenly Host, the Glittering Gorge, the Treasure Trove and the Deranged Alchemist. He then headed straight for the Armory to purchase one of the massively overpowered Flailsyuk.

The Elementalist had also ventured into the City, but failed to pay his taxes and was thrown in Jail for it (Tax evasion was also how they got Al Capone. Keep reading and the similarity will become clearlaugh).

No sooner had the Elementalist gotten out of Jail than he ran into a Corrupt Sheriff, who had no reservations about hassling an ex-con. The Elementalist returned to Jail.

The Wizard purchased his Flail as the Elementalist escaped again. It seems he had made some contacts during his time behind bars, however, as the first thing he did was go straight to a Den of Thieves. There he hired those cutpurses to steal the Wizard's Flail!

Elated over his illegal acquisition, the Elementalist celebrated with a Drunken Revelry, which saw him thrown in Jail for the third time this game!

The Wizard slew a Spirit, collected the bounty for it, and purchased the second Flail.

The Elementalist got out yet again, and encountered a detachment of the Night Guard. In spite of being reminded that he could evade these officers of the law, the crazed criminal deliberately slaughtered them all with a stolen Flail!

Next our outlaw found the Ever-full Purse, and even picked up a set of Crooked Scales (Man is there no end to this guy's dishonesty?!?)! After that he went to the Black Market to buy a set of hot Plate Mail, but he was once more arrested by the forces of law and order and put back where he most certainly belonged!

The scheming Wizard fell prey to a Dark Fey, humiliatingly transformed into a Toad. When he changed back he hit the Tavern, and there persuaded a fellow wizard to teleport him to his pile of weapons and followers. Tragically, before the spell could be cast, the Sage took everything!

Naturally, the archcriminal Elementalist picked up a pair of Loaded Dice before this lord of the underworld literally went underground! He ventured into the Dungeon, eventually ditching the dice for a Goldseeker.

By the time Public Enemy #1 got out of the Dungeon he was ready for the Inner Region. He passed through his trials easily and it seemed as if the embodiment of criminality was destined to rule the kingdom! Fortunately it was proven that there is indeed justice in the world when the evil Elementalist was consumed by the Horrible Black Voidsurprise!

The Sage eventually triumphed over the Blood Moon Werewolf and began his rule over the realm. Given his insane natural powers this left a bit of a foul taste in my mouth, but better him then the Elementalist!
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