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Dan Bosley
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We then decided to try Halli Galli, a recent acquistion of Rick’s - the fruity-tooty party game. The game consists of a snazzy bell placed in the center of the table, and a deck of cards, which is dealt out entirely face down to all the players.

The cards have assorted fruit on them. As we were learning the game, everyone was looking at my purple plums, so I ended up having to hide them further down...

The cards have anywhere from one to five of a single fruit on them. One by one, quickly, in sequence, each player flips over his top card and places it face up in front of him. It might be one banana, or 2 strawberries, or some other number of different fruit. You must flip the card up in such a way that your opponents see what’s on your card a split second before you do - that’s why you want to flip them fast, so you too can see your card as quickly as possible.

As soon as there is EXACTLY FIVE showing of any one kind of fruit, players race to whack the bell in the center of the table. So if player A has one strawberry showing, and player B turns up a four-strawberry card, (and no one else has strawberries showing) then WHACK - DING!

The successful player gets to take ALL the cards so far played to the table of ALL the players, and add them face down to the bottom of his fruity pile. In other words, this is a form of multi-player WAR.

If you whack the bell and you are wrong - say you whack it and there’s actually 6 strawberries showing - then you must deal out one card from your fruit salad to each player as your penalty. If you end up running out of cards, then you are out of the game.

And of course, there’s lots of bluffing - either real or unintentional! You can make a noise or a sudden movement with your hand when a card is turned over - and someone else may whack the bell when they shouldn’t have. Or you might honestly believe there are 5 fruit showing and start to make a move, but then at the last second, realize your error and stop your hand in mid-slap.

The game progresses until there are only 2 players left. At that point, whoever has the most cards wins.

Each card you turn over covers up your previously played card. Which can lead to some interesting tension. And possible hand damage....

Say there are 7 bananas showing when it comes back to your turn. And your currently have 2 bananas showing on your top card. Whatever card you flip over is going to cover up your 2 bananas - which means (unless the new card you are flipping happens to also be a 2-banana card) that there will now be exactly 5 bananas showing . And whoever slaps the bell first when there are exactly five fruit of one type showing takes all the cards on the table. And every other player knows that very fact..... - so just how fast can you flip that card?

Diane was wiped out in short order. Her fruit-counting abilities were sadly deficient. However, on the plus side, she then got to drink her drink in relative peace and calm. This was a good thing, especially in light of the fact that I had had to go out and buy some more liquid nourishment so that we had more than one bottle of any one item. Well, yes, we have one Rickard’s Red, one peach cooler, one coke, one ginger ale, one Sleeman Honey Brown lager, one hard lemonade, one root beer, etc. etc. etc. You mean you wanted to have a 2nd of the same thing? Hmmm.....that’s a novel idea.....

Shari was next to fall. Obviously, the only conclusion to be drawn from this is that men are simply better with fruits than women....

Out next was Jeremy. He too was thirsty, and the fruit juices in the game just weren’t cutting the mustard.

Corwin was 4th to have to start drinking again.

Which meant the last 2 players were Rick and myself. Now earlier in the game, Rick had gotten down to one measly card. But he was fast of eye and quick of hand, and made a brilliant comeback, grabbing enough fruits to stock a small orchard. I too was quick of hand - but Rick was quicker.

Final scores:

Quicker Rick - *30*
Almost as Quick Dan - 26
Kind of Fast Corwin - 0
Not Really All That Fast Jeremy - 0
Dawdling Shari - 0
Slothful Diane - 0

All 6 of us rated the game a 7. A fun game - good for a laugh and some tendon damage.

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