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Subject: Spies 3: The Collective ~ mafia alias game signups rss

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Bob Sanders
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(preface: my apologies to the mods if this is not the right place to post this. this is a free, personal game I create/host in my free time over two months and I'm looking for new players. I make no money from it and will refer my players to your site if they want to play more mafia games. it is not meant to be spam.) Spies 3: The Collective

Spies 3 is right around the corner! The successful mafia game series is back for its third installment. More than 150 people over 10 games and three years have had an incredible time playing my Survivor and Mafia games. If you are looking for a unique, intense, and creative game by an experienced host – this is it!

“I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience one of your games because they are *by far* the best I've ever seen in my 5 years of playing." – Annette

“I want to say thank you to Sam. Sam, you hosted a real winner again. I loved your stories, the quotes at the end of the exiles, the board format, the twists, the leaderboard - just everything. You're so smart and innovative, and one hell of a host.” - DC

"They are, without doubt, the best online games you could play in your lifetime. He is committed to a fault and professional beyond belief. Thanks again to Sam who made this game *the* greatest I have ever played. I have enjoyed every second of it." – Tyler

“this game was so much more jam-packed and amazing then I could have anticipated. I cannot believe I seriously considered turning the offer to join the game down. Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing opportunity to play in your game. This game is an incredible ORG which made me play to my maximum potential. It tests everything in you and I'm proud to say I made it this far.” - Karl

"Only a Host as capable, imaginative and dedicated as Sam could pull this off without a hitch." – Jamie

“I loved playing, it was amazingly put together. The players were very into it, and that made the game.” - Matt

So what is Spies? Spies is a fast-paced, viewer encouraged, alias game also known as Mafia or Wolves. It is sort of like a mix of Survivor and Mole and is a popular game played on college campuses across the world. It is an online social game where the players are pitted against undercover Spies from within their own group. Each round, the Spies try and decieve the Citizens (non-spies) while the Citizens try and root out the traitors in their group. The game ends when one side is eliminated.

Want to take part in Spies 3? Visit the main page here:, click on Apply to Spies 3 and send the application to Everyone is welcome to apply!

Spies 3 will feature:

* An opening video. A gorgeous leaderboard that is updated frequently. Cute short stories posted at every Imprisonment and unique game events. Pictures, art, fun game events, and live chat vote counts happen all the time.

* A fast-paced, active game that lasts an absolute maximum of five weeks. (Spies 1 ended in a record victory for the Civilians in just 19 days while the Final 3 in Spies 2 held out to the very end on Day 36) Each round lasts three or four days and has one elimination by Spies and one elimination by Citizens.

* A great game for viewers to enjoy! Many viewers have told me how much they enjoyed getting into Spies 2 as it went along and following along with the updates. Viewers will be able to follow along with eliminations the day they happen. They can read the Imprisonment stories and read the Exile chats. A leaderboard will be posted and updated with all the players and their current status. Viewers will be able to watch and talk about the game, who they think the Spies are, and who they think will be eliminated next.

* An alias game to spice up the game. All players will be given a new AIM name and a proboards account to play Spies with. They will log on this new AIM name and use the proboards account to play. All identities will be kept a secret leading to new relationships.

Drop by and take a look and see if you would like to play or view the game as it goes on. Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you in Spies 3!

You can view some of the past games I've hosted here:

21 Players ~ Spies 2: The Recruitment ~
18 Players ~ Spies 1: The Infiltration ~
36 Players ~ Survivor 5: Asteria - All-Stars ~
21 Players ~ Survivor 4: Wonderland ~
20 Players ~ Survivor 3: Paradise ~
21 Players ~ Survivor: Machu Picchu ~
20 Players ~ Survivor: Carlsbad Caverns ~

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