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Subject: Wins, Losses, and Close Run Things... rss

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Timothy Rios-Greene
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Session "light" report, as am pressed for time, but here are some barebones results, and a few observations...

Have Played (5) 2 Player Games over the last week; all using the Crossfire Mission and utilizing:

The Troll in the Street Samurai Role with associated deck. (Plus the Face Role)

The Dwarf in the Decker Role, with associated deck. (Plus the Mage Role)

Results: 1 win, 3 losses (1 abort loss), and 1 escape (successful abort).

Won the first game fairly (both characters ended up losing about half their health totals) comfortably, and then got hammered in the second, barely making it out of the first scene; it was all over before an abort run could even be thought about. Next game was an abort loss; really tough because we almost made it out. (We made it into the third scene; knew trouble was coming because the scene opened to fairly brutal Obstacles and Events that eventually took our money and our lives...). Next game just a straightforward beatdown, Obstacle and Event Bad Karma synergy turning into back to back Critical damage in the early stages of the second scene. The fifth and final game did not start auspiciously, Tommy the Troll taking two straight turns of heavy hurt, and looking at the first Event card with a massive total of 3 health remaining... Some judicious play and patience with card combinations (Assists! Assists!) got the team into the third scene in a bit of a disheveled state, but in with a chance... Tommy quickly went down, but not before he outlasted a Combat Drone, which meant that Denzil the Dwarven was able to survive the pummeling he took and drag Tommy off with him... It was a close run thing, as Denzil had one health point remaining when he got out... (Not ready to say if anyone should expect the same sort of ratio of success, or lack thereof, need to play more, etc.).

Have also played (4) 4 Player Games, winning twice, and escaping (Mission Aborts) twice. I like both 2 and 4 Player, but would recommend playing with 4 if you are adverse to tension, reversal of fortune, bad fortune, really bad fortune, and !*#@!*#! bad fortune. Bluntly, you always feel on the edge of disaster playing this game, even when you aren't, and we find that sort of, well, fun. Some don't, and I respect that.

Again sorry for the brevity... thinking about doing a detailed session report if I can find the time...

Edit - Forgot to add 1 Nuyen per player when playing the above... A bigger deal than it seems, especially for the Troll!
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