Frank McGirk
United States
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Have you ever wished for a game that combined the strategy of paper/scissors/rock with the edge of your seat randomness of War? Had you wished that it was also a subtle recreation of life in the Playboy mansion(reportedly, the original theme for the game)?

Then your wishes were answered back in 1991, about the time that Heff was intersted in just one lady and being a good husband (the pre-viagra senior days).

The pieces:
I'm not sure how I never really thought about the homo-erotic aspect of professional wrestling before playing this game, but I never did. Perhaps it just took seeing a pile of airbrushed, close-up photos of different preemed, hairless, naked wrestlers with pumped up pecks to draw a connection to Playboy. But hell, even Hugh's Dahm triplets are more individual than most of these wrestlers: look a smiling, long golden haired wrestlers, is that "Flyin' Brian" Pillman? Rick "Nature Boy" Flair? Lex "The Total Package" Luger?

In addition to oiled breasts, the wrestler cards have playmate like attributes on them: Height and Weight, Hometown, Favorite "hold", Toughest Opponents, and Greatest Achievement. It's almost like you know them personally after reading this information, deeping the connection between you even though there is no way for them to know you exist.

On the back of each card is a move: either Press, Dropkick, Slam, or Pin. Each move beats another ala paper scissor rock, with pin beating everything.

To play, one player challenges another to enter the ring with their wrestler, and then the cards are flipped and the person with the better move winds up "on top." After the match has been decided a player can play a Tag Team card and reverse the order of action. These methods are also reportedly how romantic invites into the grotto were handled at the Mansion.

If you like pictures of well oiled men being shown randomly without much thinking, or learning the secret ways of the Playboy Mansion in case Heff ever institutes a board game night, then you will enjoy this game immensely.

And there is the added nostalgic element: I can imagine Heff playing this with his boys, slyly enjoying some good natured wrestling hijinx, while secretly passing on the keys to the kingdom.

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