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Subject: Rulebook card count correct? rss

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dave m
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I just won an eBay auction for this + base game and as I was verifying the contents I got a card count different than the rulebook. I thought it was strange because it seems like everything else was there.

24 blue quests (-1)
25 events (-1)
42 destiny (+3)

I also noticed doubles of some destiny cards.
Would anyone be willing to check your destiny cards to check for doubles?
Id greatly appreCiate it.

I want to make sure this person isn't trying to pull a fast one on me.

My biggest fear is that I will have to check all these cards and the base game cards for doubles if this is an error.(I'm a little OCD when it comes to board game completeness)

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Bruno Salvato Costa
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"Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul."
I don't know exactly, because my copy is in London, and I live in Brazil.

But, here you have the errata for the entire set of games: , and for the Shadow of War expansion Errata, in pg. 3, they don't list any wrong quantity.

Maybe you're messing the base with the expansion?
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Here's the full list of the cards you mentioned:

Blue Quest cards (25)
• A Baying of Beasts
• A Gathering Darkness
• A Hero's Challenge
• A New Threat
• Born of Fire
• Corruption Abroad
• Culling the Threat
• Dark Ceremony
• Devourer of Souls
• Dragonkin Menace
• Faith Forsaken
• Howling in the Hills
• Protect the Realm
• Rage Against the Night
• Rampaging Giants
• Ravenous Hordes
• Reclaiming the Ruings
• Slaying the Beast
• The Rot of Despair
• Trampling Paws
• Trial by Combat
• Trial of the Lake
• Undying Devotion
• Vanquish the Invaders
• Wolves in the Woods

Event cards (26)
• A Hunter's Reward
• A New Dawn
• Araj the Summoner (Boss)
• Auction House [Crown of Heroes]
• Auction House [Hydra Staff]
• Auction House [Mercenary Warlock]
• Auction House [Mercenary Warrior]
• Auction House [Ring of Quickness]
• Baron Rivendare (Boss)
• Big Samras (Boss)
• Call for Heroes
• Class Trainer
• Creepthess (Boss)
• Crushridge Warmonger (Boss)
• Free Trade
• Grimungous (Boss)
• Krethis Shadowspinner (Boss)
• Lord Darkscythe (Boss)
• Market Day
• Mith'rethis the Enchanter (Boss)
• Narillasanz (Boss)
• Putridius (Boss)
• Razortalon (Boss)
• Ressan the Needler (Boss)
• Sri'skulk (Boss)
• Trading Guild

Destiny cards (39)
• A Flurry of Beasts
• Against the Scourge
• Arcane Rituals
• Augustus the Touched (Boss)
• Balnazzar (Boss)
• Bitter Winds
• Challenge for Leadership
• Champions of Lordaeron
• Danger in the Wild
• Deathspeaker Selende (Boss)
• Epic Quests
• Feral Hunger
• Fog of War
• Foulmane (Boss)
• Harbinger of Doom
• Hed'mush the Rotting (Boss)
• Hero of Azeroth
• Heroes Unite
• Hive of Villainy
• Hunters of the Wild
• Jalinde Summerdrake (Boss)
• Lair of Beasts
• Lord Maldazzar (Boss)
• New Orders (2 copies)
• Refreshing Spring
• Righteous Crusade
• Rumor of Riches
• Shadow Assassin (Boss)
• The Beasts Stir
• The Frozen Gaze
• The Gathering Storm
• The Scourge Moves
• Vilebranch Soul Eater (Boss)
• Warlord Thresh'Jin (Boss)
• We Guard the Way
• Witherheart the Stalker (Boss)
• Wolves at the Door
• Zul'arek Hatefowler (Boss)

Hope that helps
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dave m
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You are amazing!
Is there a complete list published somewhere (for all cards and base game)?
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dave m
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So I found out I am missing:

"rage against the night" and "crushridge warmonger".

Would anyone be so kind as to snap a pic of those cards for me?
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dave m
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Never mind, FFG customer service pulled through.
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David Griffin
United States
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FFG has A++++ Customer service. If everyone treated their customer base like they do, TROLLS would be an endangered species.
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